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  1. It was a right decision. It makes no sense that in the community of over 3 million players there will be no restrictions for the greater good.
  2. Shovali

    the speed limit

    I think it's always "fun" to drive faster, whether there are enforcement laws or not. It gives you a certain sense of relaxation, even in a virtual game, and even if that's the case - you still have to respect the rules because you're not the only person in the game and there are other people around you. And there are also the people who think only of themselves and they do it intentionally and deliberately - but they are punished for it.
  3. Thanks for your huge contribution to the community.



  4. Thanks For Follow ;)

  5. How are you? :P 

    1. LordBenji


      Good, but a bit tired as I finished working :)

    2. -NOYAN-


      thank you and you ? :D new day start Q_Q

  6. good evening :P

    1. Mirko9


      Have great one!

  7. Happy birthday mate ^_^

  8. so cool :) 

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    2. Shovali


      I'm everywhere all the time B)
      But I had to say something about this amazing update ;)

    3. N o N a m e
    4. Shovali
  9. Veteran Driver :P 


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    2. Yoyo_ManSg


      Congratulation mate :D 

    3. [LKW Tr.] SgtBreadStick

      [LKW Tr.] SgtBreadStick

      You still have a christmas profile pic..... lol. Anyway congrats on Veteran Driver. Sad ur banned tho :(

    4. Shovali


      I hope that in the distant future there will be a special project that gives everyone a second chance and then I can finally play properly.


      @SgtBreadStick I like this pic :rolleyes:

  10. Definitely was expected.
    You're the best Modateor I've known in the time I'm here. Definitely this job comes and fits you in 100%! Good luck to you champ!

  11. Happy birthday :)

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