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  1. hmm, how about the part of NOT SUPPORTED YET, must downgrade to play MP...
  2. can also be fixed via being towed, or taking a ferry or train. as idea for the quick fix button: sleep for 5/15m [whatever the min you can do], or 'fake' the teleport of a tow or train/ferry to current position.
  3. Like this idea, but it's so easy to get around, would it actually stop anything? Instead of 1 macro, they'd just make 3 macros, and play them in order. message is 'different' enough each time to not trigger this.
  4. This causes problems for behaving people though. a friend and I always drive together. sometimes one of us will have an intermediate stop that the other doesn't. In this case, I drop my trailer someplace out of the way, and go explore the town, working towards 100% explored. Many of the sites are narrow, and it's much easier without the trailer. What does lowering the distance to 100m gain people? Nothing. you can still block a driveway with a trailer, and move across the street, so your cab doesn't get hit. So I see no gain from this, and plenty of loss.
  5. Not autokick, but if re-balance the car (say cut engine power in half, and double gearing) so that it's all speed, with no pulling power. They could hook up to a trailer, but wouldn't be able to move it, as having no torque to move the weight of the trailer.
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