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  1. AI Drivers causing Lag in TruckersMP ( Autosave), how much and how heavy depends on your PC. For a better Gameplay Performance in TruckerMP i suggest not to hire AI Drivers. When you drive porperly, you can make enough Money. And if needed, there are enough Guides how to increase your Money with Editing!
  2. As Shortcut, what you Guys thinking about this? Simulation Enthusiastic Truckers on The Road = S.E.T.O.R. or just S.E.T !
  3. My Opinion, the Game do not need a NCZ Zone that covering a complete City! TruckersMP decided to prefer a Simulation like Gameplay! This NCZ Zone in Duisburg is a interesting Test, but it will not solve a Problem that not need to be solved! Everyone who are thinking that he have to drive in this Area, do it by his own choice! So the Player have to deal with the Consequences and not TruckersMP! I can Imagine that there is a lot of Work to do, for the Game Moderation Team, because of the bunch of Players who give nothing on the Rules and Disrespecting other Players, but that´s a part of all Multiplayer Games. People doing stupid Things, like in Real Life and even more in Multiplayer Games. Sometimes its getting annoying, but you have always the Option to stay away from high Populated Areas or chose another Server. Childs needs to learn , how far they can go, even when they are +18 Years old!
  4. Hauling Hope with Wings of Hope Paintjob during all weather conditions! ;)
  5. You don´t need 750hp to pull this Trailer on this Road! All that you need is a Truck with a 6x4 or 8x4 Chassis, +400hp and a Gearbox with 16 Gears! And when you driving on Snow/ Icy Roads, do not use Automatic Shifting, no Automatic Jake Brake, no Automatic Retarder! Use Sequentiell or Manual Shifting instead! Be Easy on the Gas, avoid spinning Wheels, keep it rolling! Thats all!
  6. https://prnt.sc/vr9nv6 https://prnt.sc/vr9p2y https://prnt.sc/vr9py7
  7. The VR Versions of the Game are Others than the regular Versions that TruckersMP Supports! I would say, that you are not able to run the VR Versions with TruckersMP!
  8. The good ´ol Big Sur World of Trucks Event! The Mother of all Traffic Jams that having new young Players as Result, 9 Months Later!
  9. He turned over to my Lane and intentionally rammed me! His Excuse: " Sorry, my steering wheel disconnected" ! 3 Minutes later, i met him again, he intentionally turned over to my Lane and rammed me the 2nd Time! His Excuse: " Sorry, i am lagging!" 10 Minutes Later, He done the same with another Player! Or the other Classics: - I´ve had Green Light! - Sorry, bad Brakes! - Sorry, i am a new Player! ( Member since 2014 and +3000hours Playtime of ETS2) - Sorry, but you are too slow, drive faster! - Sorry, my Brother tryed to grab my Controller! - My Mother turned the Lights off! - Sorry, but i am Drunk, no report please! - Him: "I recorded you and will reporting you, you are getting banned! Me: "I have a recording too, good Luck with that" Him:" Please no report please, i am sorry, please!" .......and so on and so on!
  10. What i don´t like in this Community is the Insulting, Impatience, Reckless Behaviour and Disrespect that some Players/Peopple showing every Time in Chat Ingame. The most who behave like this, ignoring or forgetting that there are real People on the Other Side of the "Screen"! That makes me sad, because i am Old, met in Real Life many Peoples from different Countrys and the Most of them behave like normal Humans and not like Egomaniac Psychopaths! And this is not a Question of the Age of the Players! But overall, this is not the Majority of the Community and i am not happy with the Topic Title! ETS2/ATS/TruckersMP should not making People angry and they should not be a Valve to Steam out your daily Anger/Frustration due to bullie other Peoples!
  11. At the End, ETS2 and ATS are not Hardcore Truck Simulations but they are giving a really good Hint, what Truck Driving means! And Truck Driving is not going with +150 kph and 40 Tons from A to B! TruckersMP clearly said that they set their Focus on the Simulation Part of the Games and the most Players enjoying this decision. Unfortunately, those Players do barely read the Forum and either the most of them didn´t following Discussions like this One. Which means that Players who are not Happy with the actual Speed Limits and Rules "crying" louder than the regular Players! Like in all Multiplayer Games! The Fact is, TruckersMP is the Hoster so TruckersMP set the Rules and we as the Guests have to accept and obey the Rules! We can make Suggestions as usual, but to be honest, Discussions like this One are never ending and spinning round and round and round........! The best Solution would be a Player Profile with Serverside saved Progress by TruckersMP! You starting with a 310hp IVECO and as more Experience you get, you can buy "better" Trucks! When you are One of the Players who enjoying it to drive Faster than your Brain can handle and you having a Accident with +150 kph, you are died and all your Progress is lost! Then you can start again with a 310hp IVECO and rock da House! I guess it wouldn´t take long and many Players would be more carefull on the Road!
  12. It is possible, simply via Save Editing! Just follow the Guides, that you can find here in the Forum, to open your Save Game with a Text Editior ( Notepad++ preferred). Search for "my_truck" Copy/Paste this Line and search for it till you reached your Truck: https://prnt.sc/v9x95m Then Scroll down till you see the Odometer and set your Kilometers: https://prnt.sc/v9xam4 Save your Changes, load the Save Game and you have a "used" Truck! Do not change the Kilometers when you driving a Contract!
  13. 1. Trolls are able to find other ways to troll the regular Players, even when there is no Collision! 2. Trolls are in every Multiplayer Game and on every possible Online Source! We should better shut down the Internet!
  14. Griechenland ist nicht auf der Standarkarte von ETS 2 noch in irgend einem DLC Gebiet. Ich vermute mal, das Du auf der Promods fährst, welche eine Mod Karte ist. WOT Aufträge funktionieren nur auf der Standard Karte + offizielle Karten Dlcs!
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