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  1. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    1000 Km Ingame = 48 - 52 Minutes Real Time, if you driving with 85 kph! You don´t need to drive +1000 Km each Cargo. There is a Slider in the Options Menue, which allowing you to chose shorter Distances. But you can chose Delivery Destinations that leads away from the D-C Area towards the DLC Areas, if you owning them and "hopping" from City to City. It´s up to the Players where they go and not a question of the Speedlimiter.
  2. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    Harder punishments are needed or welcome, but they wouldn´t change anything. Many of the "Regular D-C Area Citizens" having more than 1 or 2 Accounts. They will be back faster than they be banned.
  3. Baerenhaart

    new TMP update

    The actual Update is not working correctly, several Player can´t play, because the Launcher not starting ETS2/ ATS! Both Games blinking as Inactive/stopped in Taskmanager!
  4. Baerenhaart

    Launcher Startet nicht nach Update

    Naja, komisch ist es nicht! Es liegt halt an den unterschiedlichen PC Systemen und Konfigurationen. Ich denke mal mwl4 wird bald ein Update nachschieben!
  5. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    @Greenfox Look at the Activity in this Forum. Look at the Account Number of Truckers MP. There are nearly 2.9 millions Accounts and the activity in this Forum or this Thread is very low, in comparison with the account numbers. So, how many would voting and how many of them would voting multiple times, because they having multiple accounts, due to several reasons? This whole Voting Process would be not "Democratic"! So Yes, TMP must "dictate" the Rules! As i said before, we are welcome Guests, but we also have to obey the Rules if we want to play. If we not like the Rules, we are free to go! And, if the current changings having the effect that no One will any longer play TMP, well then it is so!
  6. Baerenhaart

    Launcher Startet nicht nach Update

    Das Gleiche bei mir! ATS/ETS2 werden im Taskmanager periodisch als Angehalten/Inaktv angezeigt und beide Spiele starten nicht!
  7. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    @dacia1310 If you switching through the 35 Sides of this Discussion, you can see the Thrends. The "Problem", that it takes 9 Days till a Web Report is claimed momentarly, is no Problem! It is your personal Problem! I can remember the Times were it takes +20 Days till a report is claimed. But this is also no Problem, because your Report will be claimed in Time and the Perpetrator will be punished. Another fact, we having Sommer Holidays and not all GM being 24/7 at their PC to claiming Reports! And i am sure that the most Reports are not needed if the Players and Reporters would be more calm. TMP will losing Players in the Future and i hope that IFMP and HGVMP will made it, to running a stable Client and Servers. Then can the Players starting to compare between the Services! But i will make a guess, that many Player will use the 3 Hosters to jump between them if they are banned at One!
  8. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    @Greenfox I am not accepting everything, thats not the point, but i didn´t wrote anythings like this: ".........Because I have enough and many players in this community have enough of this incompetent type of admins and rule makers who don't even apparently know and obey the real traffic rules............" and "........Another negative point in this discussion is that many admins, support managers, admin game moderators and leaders of the team are spoiled by theirself and they treating the normal members of the community like trash... they ignoring important feedback and critics and they refuse any assistance to improve the overall game experiance......" "......I'm now on the side of the players and clearly against ignorant and incompetent admins. They break so many rules so many times it's insane. We should come and ban every single one of them who are not on the side of the community. They are supposed to serve the communty... instead they ignoring them........" I switched trough the 35 Page Discussion and can say, this is not true! Maybe some "unlucky" and less "professional" Replys and Argumentations by the Community Management , but no incompetend, ignorant or arrogant behaviour by the TMP -Team or former TMP - Team Members! The Point of your Posting is only: Me and the "Community" against the Changings and ignorant/incompetent/arrogant Admins and Staff! You mentioned this 3 Times, without Examples! That showing me, you having a personal problem with your own Situation and/or your own Contacts with the TMP Team and not speaking for the majority of the Community! We having 4 Fractions in this Discussion! 1. The Players who likes the Changing, which are the Majority! 2. The Players who not like the Changes, which is the 2nd large Group! 3. The Players who accept the Changes but not being happy with the No Collision on the Arcade Server and wanted 1 Arcade Server with Collision! 4. The "Players" who trying to provoke! I counting myself to Fraction 1! EDIT: Maybe there is a 5th Fraction, the Ones who using some popular Threads to complaining indirectly about their Ban or Bans and rejected Appeals!
  9. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    This "Experiment" runs for +2 Years. The result is this Discussion now!
  10. Baerenhaart

    Minimum speed

    Obeying the Local Roadspeed for Trucks above 12 t, by Map, is fine. That means, in Germany/Belgium, 60 kph on normal Roads and 80 kph on motorways or throughway. As Example, i am driving mostly +5 kph above the local roadspeed for trucks +/- physical restrictions, with 360 -500 Hp Trucks and max. 24t cargo! If i am hauling heavy cargo, i using Trucks with more Power, like it would be in reality. Driving 24/7 with a 310hp IVECO and 60t Cargo along the D-C Road, is Trolling for me. If you Driving all over the Map with this Truck, it is a normal "Event", for the Ones who driving faster, that can happen on the roads in reality too. But, driving all the time on purpose only with low speed in high populated areas, if you are able to go faster, is definetly Trolling/Blocking. Also, driving/parking 24/7 inside high populated areas, without carrying cargo is rated as useless traffic, but mostly tolerated! You are allowed to Drive faster and Overtake slower Trucks, if you were able to do it in a safe way. If not, you have to face the consequences!
  11. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    Watch this Videos, then you will have the basic knowledge, why a 4200 slot Server having no AI Traffic and why, as Example, GTA5 having several Lobbys, Each with a small Number of Players or Games like BF only havin 64 Slot Server mostly!
  12. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    @Greenfox: Why you "thinking" that TMP is against the Community? It sounds to me that all Players bought Euro Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator, Austrian Truck Simulator, UK Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator just for reckless driving and crashing purposes! And the Modding Community creating all his Mods about Trucks, Maps, Trailers, Accessiorys, Sound Modifakations and so on, only to gave the Player a more "realistic" Crashing Experience. There are just 2 Communitys! One, which is interested in Trucking Simulation and full of enthusiastic Players who making Mods to bring more Realism to the Game, than it have by default. And guess what, TMP is a Mod! There is another Community that is only interested to Racing around the Map, sorry only on a small part of the Map, with their Mates and the Thrill of a possible Crash! Some can handle the Truck at Highspeed, many can´t control the Truck even at 6 kph! Some taking care for other Players and respecting the Ones who playing this Game serious and many giving a "shit" about their personal Environment around them. And there are just Trolls, as Cherry on the Top! Not all Players of both "Communitys" having a Driving License, but that is not the Problem. There are 8 - 13 Years old Childs who are playing this Game and TMP serious and being more Adult than some 20 - 40 Years old Players! The physical Age doesnt matter, the mental Age and social Skills counting! You say, you are on the Players Side. I am a Player and i am not convinced that you are on my Side. I am more convinced that you are more on your Side and having you own reasons why you writing bullshit like this: "Another negative point in this discussion is that many admins, support managers, admin game moderators and leaders of the team are spoiled by theirself and they treating the normal members of the community like trash... they ignoring important feedback and critics and they refuse any assistance to improve the overall game experiance... the feedback option is pretty much useless. They just read your concerns and say "bye bye" and that's all. " I am with you, if you saying that the TMP Staff is not perfect, but to be honest, we are not living in a perfect world and this world is full of not perfect Humans. And even the TMP Staff having a lot to learn how to handle the Things and how to Speak and reacting to other People and other Issues. It is a learning process that every one need to make! TMP is not "destroying" any Game Experience, TMP creating his own Game Experience. And the "Game Experience" that you can see on many "Idiots on the Road" Compilations and at Duisburg, Calais, Brussel, Lille etc. and "THE ROAD" between them is a special Game Experience that have not much to do with the Game Experience that TMP wants. Its just that simple!
  13. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    There are not more Accidents like before! There is a bit more intentional Ramming and Reckless Behaviour on the Road, than before. But this is the Result of angry and mentaly childed People who are thinking they need to doing what they did! It is still possible to overtake, but where is the difference to overtaking a Player who driving 149,5 kph before and now a overtaking a player that driving 109,5 kph? ( Bye the way, this is not Truck Driving then, this is truly Racing ) If a regular Player driving 85 kph, you having a buffer of +25 kph to overtake. That should be enough and is a lot of more, than in real life. By the way, TMP is not a real Simulation, like ETS2 is not a real Simulation. One is a Game Modifikation and One is just a Game. But both giving, due to their options/ possibilitys and restrictions, a clue of the reality. This whole Discussion, i saw no plausible argumentation or reason, why it make sense to drive 150 kph or more in a Game that having Truck Driving as Content. I am more convinced, that a small Group of Players is upset, that they cant easily leaving a path of chaos and destruction, like before. TMP started with Speedlimited Servers and the #EU-2 without limiiter wasn´t that populate in the Beginning. #EU-2, without Speedlimter, started to be this Populate with the introducing of the Cars. Also a better Performance/ Connection to #EU-2 was the reason, for me and many other Players, to playing there and not the full server. Maybe TMP should change the Account and Gaming Profile System. No loacal Savegames, no local Profile on your PC and every Player starting with a Iveco Stralis 310hp! Imagine how the People would play, if a "Accident" in the Game, having the deleting of your Profile as result, if the parameters of this Accident would indicate that you where died in reality. So, if you want continue, you need to start a new Profile! And, to be honest, nothing changed at the moment. Thanks to the weird physics, by SCS, it is still possible to recording enough Content for all the Creators that running "Best of Idiots on the Road" Compilations on YT. A sidenote by me, the most aren´t Funny! The People still driving between Duisburg and Calais, complaining and crying for Admins, because 80 Players trying to leave the Duisburg Service while 25 trying to entering it. This Status is not the Result of the Game Restrictions by TMP, this is the Result of the Stupidity of the Players itself! And it wouldn´t change anything if there is no Speedlimiter.
  14. Baerenhaart

    Road to Simulation

    We will see what the time tell! For my part, i can´t await that the HGVMP or IFMP releasing a working Client and stable Server. I guess they will make it, because the most in their Teams were former TMP Members, so they´ve learned from the best! And who knows, maybe all 3 Teams sharing their Perma Ban Lists then! Anyways, Player are mostly "Cats" and don´t be happy about Changes that they´ve not asked for! TMP made a brave decision and its up to the Player to give it a Chance!
  15. Baerenhaart

    Should TruckersMP change their ban system?

    Like i said in an other Thread, the Rules and Punishment System is the Result of the Behaviour of the People who play the Game! If you behave calm, respectful and obey the rules, you never get banned. If you thinking you can play like a wild boar, you will face the consequences, like in real life. If you got banned the 5th time within 2 Months, after your joining the TMP community, there is nothing wrong with the Rules or Punishment System, there must be something wrong with your Behaviour!!!!! The only thing that is a little "problem", new or unexperienced GM will be mostly softer with the duration of their punishments, espacially if its obvious that the perpetrator doing it on purpose!