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  1. One of those would be me, lol. I had no idea really, this being my first time here. I showed up late with no route in my gps. Messed up plotting the route so delayed even further. An under powered truck didn't help either. I did finally catch up with the convoy at Page I think. Then I had to go get a trailer. I didn't know if I could pick one up without taking a "Job" from the job board. Taking a job wiped my GPS and replaced it with the route for the job. I never did get the convoy route plotted properly again. So then I and some others got lost again. Also it seems my truck tended to lose power i.e. no throttle response on occasions and no matter what I did I couldn't get it over 55mph even on 75mph limit stretches of road. Maybe fuel starvation is a feature ......... but I doubt it. Anyway I'll try to be better prepared next time. Great pics and video guys.
  2. @God................... Thank You!!! I'll be ready next time, lol.
  3. Great first experience. Kicked from game while I was allegedly "away from keyboard" With the lack of info for newcomers on how to join and what any chat / voice controls might be (I found the chat control by trial and error as it happens) I could not contact anyone before they drove off into Arizona. It made no difference as no-one elected to answer my requests. My reason for being "away from keyboard" was because I was stuck in Las Vegas trying to plot the bloody route. Again by trial and error. Ah well I will fumble my way around this thing and see what I can do by sheer guesswork. Enjoy your convoy guys. It didn't happen for me. Some info for first timers might be useful. If there is a link to the multiplayer controls aspect on the site, my apologies. It's my first time here too.
  4. I'm in Las vegas. Er, what are the chat/voice controls please.
  5. Just joined up to truckersmp. I'll try to join the convoy with you guys later. Do you use Teamspeak or just text chat. If text chat what is the text box control key? Thanks. My truck is a bit under powered at the moment as I started a new game profile to join multiplayer, but I get there eventually. Hills take their toll at the moment.
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