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  1. Dont know if this is the right place to post it but here goes. The refresh button dosent work in the menu where u select witch server u want in on.
  2. The problem is solved.
  3. It says it resets my economy... got to much money to do that...
  4. When i try to get a new job it says that i am currently in one but when i go to the play screen it says im not in one.. ? When i sleep it dosent change the time.. ??
  5. it worked, thank you.. But now i got another problem.. when i need to sign in, i can type in my email, because i cant do the "@".... ?? help
  6. Hi guys. I need help to install the truckersmp. At the start it says Euro Trucking but when i come to the point where i need to locate my directory it says its the amercan version ? It says i need to find the right path ???
  7. måske lidt off-topic men mangler lidt hjælp til at installere truckersmp. Går udfra det den jeg skal bruge for at komme online. Når jeg går igang med installionen så siger den godt nok Euro Trucker men senere når jeg skal vælgedirectory så det lige pludselig American Trucking ?? Nogen der kan hjælpe
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