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  1. not an absolute joke but the times u get slowdown on a highway because a city is nearby is way to high.. so until its fixed maybe 55mph as a compromise?
  2. can i have a response by a developer please. Just want to know whether it is being worked on or whether its a feature.
  3. bump. this now exists in ets2 mp too i think this is caused by syncing truck and trailer as 2 different objects. may reduce server load and its netcode related but its often very ugly to watch
  4. Mod Version: ATSMP Description of Issue: Fanfare canot be heared by other players. Horn works fine. It shows the symbol of the fanfare but is not actually playing a sound How to reproduce: Player next to you needs to press fanfare key
  5. Mod Version: Version and the public one before Arizona Description of Issue: other players Trailer lag behind the truck and are not fixed at their mounted point. when driving a corner the trailer "lags" behind the truck and is taking more space then needed. This doesnt exist in ETS2MP only ATS How to reproduce: player infront of you needs to turn a corner or have any direction changing Screenshots / Videos: can be added on request.
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