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  1. Vtm Live Dissconnected

    Hello @craig8988 Have you tried to restart your router, maybe your connection is unstable or launch the client in admin mode? Unfortunately i do not know this client or have anything similar (except trucksbook), maybe you have to ask the managers of Viva Trucking, for solve the Problem.
  2. Icons on Plate?

    This Icon i guess can only be made by a local mod, as i never saw anyone having this icon as a public save edited license plate. It can also be the example above, not sure about it tho.
  3. save game

    Hello @112rickie112 Have you tried using another profile (new/downloaded) and does the error still occure then? Have you got maybe an video evidence, to show us how it looks what you want to get solved. Thank you in advance
  4. Word Starting With The Last Letter

  5. Word Starting With The Last Letter

  6. Word Starting With The Last Letter

  7. Word Starting With The Last Letter

  8. Newest update problems

    Hello @cit2003 Maybe this video can help you to solve this problem: Please let us know your results. I'm waiting for your answer.
  9. I followed you because you see pretty wicked! We should drive together sometime.  Also. Have you been looking at my screen shot all night LMAO fc645d1861da7579ccb7c39930c24978.png

  10. Danke für die schöne Fahrt

    Thanks for the nice ride



    1. [FC-CC] ReaPeR

      [FC-CC] ReaPeR

      Danke auch :wub: 

  11. -->This Profile Is The Best Admin Profile.


    *Very Helpful.

    This is @[FC-CC] ReaPeR :truestory::wub::check:

  12. Just here to spread some love :wub: Have a great Sunday and a great start in May :check:


    1. [FC-CC] ReaPeR

      [FC-CC] ReaPeR

      thanks :wub: you too

  13. Congratulations to your new position sweetie <3 I‘m sure you will make a great job, see you next tour admeeen ;D

  14. congratulations