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  1. Ehemalige Jugoslawische Republik Mazedonien
  2. // Added Grimes Early Autumn Mod for Ets2 & Ats
  3. That is Amazin , lovely to hear that Support of another amazing Mod. Thank you TruckersMP
  4. Is there a Secret ?



    Maybe 😃





    🌹 𝓝𝓮𝔁𝓽𝓰𝓮𝓷 𝓛𝓪 𝓕𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓵𝓲𝓪 🌹 #Secrets #ProMods2.50

    1. WNxArcticwolf


      Great set of pro mods photos there.

    2. nιgнтмαяe
    3. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      ♥️ _________________ wow ! nice photos __________________♥️

  5. Timmy TV

    Promods tmp issue

    Hello @DavAW, this is because TruckersMP only registers it on your C Drive so u need to have everything on your C Drive for TruckersMP to register everything correctly and also find your ProMods files. This can not be changed to any different Pathway, this means if u would love to move your Ets2 Documents part to D Drive via Homedir it will only work on Singleplayer but not on TruckersMP because at the current moment u can not change any File path set for TruckersMP to look somewhere else for ProMods or your Ets2 Mod Folder. Also be aware to use the newest ProMods Version 2.50 for TruckersMP, here is also a list of the current Supported Mods by TMP Hopefully that helped you whit your Question asked above. Kind Regards Tim.
  6. cfFa8f1.png

    1. nιgнтмαяe
    2. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      ♥️________________________wow !!_ bro_ nice_ truck_ wow !__________________♥️

  7. Hello @eMoTuKoH4e, Make sure you got everything set like in the link Below, Works for Games and DLC's, just make sure u got +2 Hours in game so it will work and get verified/accepted. Hopefully that helped. Kind Regards Tim
  8. Welcome back! 🥳

    1. flybel


      Thank you :) 

  9. What u mean exactly by not loading? u mean like from 1.37 to 1.38 whit local mods? Kind Regards Tim
  10. // Removed Grimes Summer Weather Mod due to 1.38 Support // Updated the ProMods Supported Version from ProMods 2.46 (1.37) to the new ProMods 2.50 (1.38).
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