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    ➱ L.N. Trans - Sr. Management & Developer
    ➱ Thermo Liner Group - Project Management
    ➱ Van der Roling - Former Project Coordinator
    ➱ Website: https://timvdr.weebly.com/
    ➱ Languages: 🇩🇪 🇳🇱 🇫🇷 🇪🇸
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    The Netherlands: Groningen
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    German (native), English, Dutch, French, Spanish

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  1. 🎉 Congrats on joining 📷 Media Team

  2. Thank you for your follow, !

  3. Bonjour @SayOff, afin de résoudre ce problème, veuillez consulter ce guide de base de connaissances ici pour vous aider à résoudre ce problème de version de jeu non pris en charge que vous rencontrez. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/518 Veuillez me faire savoir si cela vous a aidé à résoudre votre problème Cordialement Tim
  4. Some Pictures of the past Jobs and Tours. ❤️























    #SingleplayerLife #ScaniaR500 #ScaniaLove

    1. L-DR@GO
    2. 3749771


      Nice Photos!

    3. [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      Cool truck! #going-in-style

  5. Congratulations on joining the team 🎉

    1. Loupiotte


      Thanks 😀

  6. Thank you for the follow ❤️

  7. Thank you, well at the end of the day if this suggestion ever gets accepted this feature will (could be) within the VTC Administration Page as a setting to be turned on or be left off. If they decide to turn it on there could be an additional setting to mark this option as required before leaving the VTC.
  8. Sure thing that is, nobody is forced to state to correct reason for it. But there would be at least somewhat of a reason of leaving for example: lost interest in the game, private reason ( real life problems, no need to be stated ) found different or better vtc or switching from mp to sp due to whatever reason. If the reason not wish to be stated then maybe if they wish they could state it as private and might also add some feedback if he has any to be changed or constructive critic or else.
  9. Well at the end of the day its only a suggestion to get back feedback why the person in question is leaving the VTC and to see if there is a possible way of gathering feedback to where to improve or what to change to improve the VTC and to stop people from leaving for said reasons or many more. Well right now if a person leaves our VTC without opening a ticket on our discord server stating they wanna leave it it will be a hustle cause we gotta open a ticket on our discord manually asking them why they wish to leave or decided to leave and to process the leaving request further on our discord server along with removing there driver roles on our discord and granting them the retired driver role also might gather feedback through that ticket. It ain't such a strictness its just a hustle to go after people leaving said VTC and to proceed there leaving request and remove roles on discord (if there is any).
  10. Thank you for the follow me Tim! ❤️ 

  11. True, well its just a idea cause like a i wrote and i been in a couple VTC and manged a handful and i had the problem of people just leaving without notifying anyone which isn't the fine manor for most people. But for many cases like in my current VTC its a hustle for us to run behind anyone that leaves the VTC without saying a word as it do be a rule breaking in some VTC's.
  12. Suggestion Name: VTC Leaving Notification for VTC Management Staff Suggestion Description: When a player is leaving the VTC Company he is in there should be pop up field that ask's them why they wish to leave the VTC. Any example images: [N/A] Why should it be added?: Would make it easier for VTC's to know why a Member is leaving the VTC. So for my instinct it would save a lot of time because if a user is leaving our VTC Company we would have to open a ticket with the user in question within our discord server to ask them why they decided to leave our TruckersMP VTC without notifying us. This feature could be an additional settings of the Company administration page which allows the VTC Administrator's to enable it or not have it enabled, also should have a setting to make it so its required for a leaving member of a VTC is required to fill it out before finally leaving the VTC.
  13. #ScaniaLove❤️ #SPLife 









    1. L-DR@GO


      Nice truck 👍

  14. Some Cool pictures from the last couple of Singelplayer Journey


















    #NightFlyers #Onlywayisdutch #Scanialove #ScaniaR2012 #ScaniaR560 #Singleplayerlife #Sunset #BeautifulView


    Wish everyone a good day and weekend, safe journey's and stay safe ❤️

    1. Guest



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