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  1. do you know that your update u added today has screwed up the game keeps on freezing and lagging and crashing when i try to start it up via the multiplayer doing the same for ATS as well...  

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    2. RobJames24


      @Drag ³³³ hey yeah Drag its not you or your game its tmp multiplayer it self theres a problem with this new update they put out today.  in singleplayer  it works fine on ets2 and ats.hopefully they will fix this soon 

    3. C H E E K I .

      C H E E K I .

      @RobJJ yeah mate, thank you for answering so fast. Have a nice Day. =)

    4. Phonyang


      Hello, the developer team is aware of that situation. They are working on a fix, thanks for understanding.

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