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  1. We are unable to utilize the SCS convoys technology in TruckersMP due to multiple challenges. One significant obstacle is that the server application and the game application are not interconnected in any manner. Since technology is built-in into the game it cannot be simply used. Additionally, we lack knowledge regarding the performance of the convoys technology, both client and server side. By design it is very similiar technology. However, we believe we can achieve more scalable and high-performing solution for our purposes. We maintain general communication with SCS, but we do not have a collaborative partnership specifically to this subject matter. I believe that objects like bins should be static geometry in the game that cannot be moved by player.
  2. Czy na drodze Poznań-Wrocław były w ostatnim czasie szeroko rozumiane próby związane z ruchem AI?

    1. mwl4


      Nic takiego nie robiliśmy. Na pewno nie na publicznych serwerach.

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  4. 896749735933800458.png?size=44 Z doświadczenia wiem, że developer w ATS to zawsze dobry znak.



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