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  1. Hi All, So i have come across a small issue. Whenever i log onto ETS2/ATS MP the freight market lists are empty. The only way i can get them to refresh is if i rest at a rest point however because i am constantly doing that my "driver" never needs resting so i cant refresh the freight market list and have to use external contracts. Do you know of any other way i can refresh the list without resting? Thanks in advance, LeoLadd
  2. My tab menu to see the settings and players near by is invisible i think i changed a setting in the menu anyone know how to change it back because i cant edit settings now
  3. I just re-installed and it is pointing in the correct direction
  4. ok so now im getting this. everytime i click ok it launches Single Player instead of Multi
  5. It's a connection to server issue, so it has to be something between their end as multiple people are experiencing the same issues
  6. Anyone else getting this after updating the TMP?
  7. ^ Ok cool thanks
  8. Hi, i just bought ATS and attempted to link the game a good few times now but its not workinhg. Can someone help please? Thanks, Cregan
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