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  1. Hi Khaos, I went to the ophthalmologist today and I need glasses :( if you don't remember yesterday I told you something about a "costume" before the promods server died, so thanks to help me to find my vision problem hahahah see u at the road!  👓 🤟

  2. London is just amazing, and all the old and new cities in germany. There are a lot of detailed work,... did you noticed that calais-disburg is just unrecognizable, yesterday I did that route and I was lost all the time haha
  3. This worked for my and all my friends in my company... 1- Download the 4 different files (def , mod, trailer and map addon) 2- Extract all the files in 1 folder 3- Move all the files to mod file in mydocuments/euro truck simulator 2 /mod 4-Make sure that u have the correct version of the game and run the launcer as usual 5- Select the promods server and start it at usual You must not to active it on single player mod, the promods works with out activation I attached a picture with the correct files that work for me. I hope it work for you See u at the road
  4. I think that is better if you discover it at your own haha. Having promods is like add 4 new map DLC at the same time, is really big and detailled the final work. And this is just starting... maybe you can wait untill the hallowen steam sales, and get both DLCs with big discount, see u at the road And avoid places with high population
  5. there are differents points to get the actual result: 1- In promods server all the people is concentrated in the most "interesting" places to visit like , Iceland and north scandinavia that's just for now because all is new. 2- Is required all map DLC to run this mod, so at the moment I think that the people on sim1 have not all the DLCS. But now is coming hallowen sales on Steam and there is when we will have another massive days at promods. 3- Extra difficulties to install or download Promods; for some people is not easy to install or download mods. Besides we have a lot of people with low-end PCs, and it is a big problems when we get +50 people in same place. There are to many reason at my point of view, but it's just time to get more people at new servers
  6. That zone is basically another world, is too different in many ways to the basic or standard game. It's like when a new DLC is out, all people want to explore the new roads
  7. All depends of the moment, destinity and type of road. Sometimes I like to ride a heavy trailer with a truck with small engine....
  8. Iceland for sure, but you have nice routes at the north scandinavia, and Spain. I'll be reading your suggestions too
  9. All depends of the situation, and the reaction from the rammer....
  10. I hope it will be ready for tomorrow, because today I don't think so
  11. https://www.promods.net/compat.php check this out! promods is ready for MP, so I think that TruckersMp is still working in the new launcher. Remember that the .def file will be downloaded from the truckersmp launcher
  12. https://www.promods.net/compat.php check the status is TBA, so the mod is ready, I think truckersmp is still working in the new launcher. Remember that the .def file will be downloaded from the truckersmp launcher
  13. and it seems easier to add to the MP
  14. Good luck with that suggestion! besides it would be nice have a "colour in the id" if is red is because you was recently baned, if is yellow is because u have a "few of bans" if is green is because u are clean, is just an idea haha
  15. Trolls only must be able to play at arcade server, I mean , if I get banned for second or third time, when the ban period passed I just only can enter to the arcade server for 1 month for example. The good thing on this is that truckersmp don't lose people, just move the bad players to servers with bad players, so they can learn about his bad behavior and starting to play at the good way!
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