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  1. https://www.promods.net/compat.php check this out! promods is ready for MP, so I think that TruckersMp is still working in the new launcher. Remember that the .def file will be downloaded from the truckersmp launcher
  2. https://www.promods.net/compat.php check the status is TBA, so the mod is ready, I think truckersmp is still working in the new launcher. Remember that the .def file will be downloaded from the truckersmp launcher
  3. Good luck with that suggestion! besides it would be nice have a "colour in the id" if is red is because you was recently baned, if is yellow is because u have a "few of bans" if is green is because u are clean, is just an idea haha
  4. Trolls only must be able to play at arcade server, I mean , if I get banned for second or third time, when the ban period passed I just only can enter to the arcade server for 1 month for example. The good thing on this is that truckersmp don't lose people, just move the bad players to servers with bad players, so they can learn about his bad behavior and starting to play at the good way!
  5. This is a good idea, but honestly, I think that all players must do his best while are driving, independent if they are using a keyboard or a steering wheel. If some player have difficulties to drive or keep his lane there are a arcade server to avoid problems... this is how I think it would be. But in reality this is too different, if you have more details about your suggestion please send it to the forum for suggestions: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/285-suggestions/
  6. Ending november or starting december I think. My question is about winter mod for promods, I will be included by promods? We have time to wait until the release
  7. My list: ATS/ETS2 Project cars 2 GRID 2019 Asseto corsa competizione
  8. do you have any screenshot to see the problem? anyway, it will be good make a clean install and see what happen
  9. try to sleep, it will upgrade all the jobs
  10. Probably all the north new roads, (finland, iceland) and don't forget the new DLC upcoming, it will be connected with promods
  11. This is really nice, and the finish of the route is awesome, off road track and uphill!
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