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  1. It would be nice to publish statistics at the end, how many people and what they want. The most popular requests and expectations. Find out how many other people think the same way as you.
  2. I can’t say anything bad about the update, the buses are great, and thanks for the work, but I got bored already on the 2nd route. I'm sure many were waiting for a normal tourist bus, not a city electric one. And you still drive in Spain Turkey on empty roads and there is no one around. Playing a single player game is very boring, and as soon as multiplayer appeared, I never went into single player, because there are no people there, and there is not enough traffic in multiplayer, it seems to me that fewer people enter the game because I already play multiplayer from the very beginning and I see only empty roads ... Use all your strength to add traffic to the roads. I understand that all this is difficult to do, give more information, is it possible in principle, what is needed for this to happen, for example, in 3 years, I'm sure many could help with money or something. Thanks again for the work, it definitely added variety, for a while..
  3. Понял в чем проблема была, когда я первый раз заходил скачивать по этой ссылке и выбрал там русский язык сверху, там мод предыдущей версии. Сейчас все заработало, спасибо.
  4. Tab в настройки во вкладке game ,Enable season effects убрать галочку. У меня по крайней мере так.
  5. Все установил в нужную папку но в игре мод не работает. Переустанавливал игру и мультиплеер никакого результата. Когда зимний мод установил в оригинальную игру то в игре все стало красным. В чем может быть проблема?
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