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  1. I use a thrustmaster steering wheel, the drivers are offically not supported anymore, but it works on all games, including ets2 singleplayer
  2. I just found out that every time i try to load the game with my steering wheel connected, the game crashes. without the steering wheel the game works just fine. if i then connect it and use input assistent the game crashes again. in singleplayer the steering wheel work with no problems
  3. it all started after downgrading from the latest update of ets2
  4. thanks for your answer unfortunately, it doesn't work. al my drivers are up to date and the game still crashes. any more ideas??
  5. I already tried this without any result. also my game does boot, after selecting my save it starts loading, and when it's done loading my save, the game crashes. non multiplayer version does work.
  6. when I try to play online, the game crashes after loading my profile. i can login to the server, and after i click on my profile i see that the connection is established with the server,but then it crashes. the strange thing is that to used to work a week ago, and nothing has changed since. even reinstalling (Both mod and game) didn't work. i have no mods installed eather (only ets mp of course) for some wierd reason the game doesn't give me an error and it doesn't generate a crash report I really hope someone can help me
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