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  1. The last picture is the interior of the Mercedes-Benz concept truck (Self driving truck).
  2. Another approach would be through mega.co.nz which allows you to store your documents in an encrypted environment and share the documents with a key. This key is unique per document and is only known by you unless you share it with the people you want to access the documents.
  3. Sounds fine to me, let's just wait for the crashes to be fixed
  4. Was on my way to Paris when I crashed upon entering Paris...
  5. @Blackadder: [I wish you the best of luck reading white text on a white background!]
  6. This opens up a world of new oppertunities by using gradient colors in our conversations to bring some cheer into our lives! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In faucibus dolor id ligula euismod, vitae viverra eros bibendum. In in purus a odio facilisis dignissim ut sed magna. Proin vestibulum dui odio, et viverra sem lacinia a. Nullam eget congue lacus. Suspendisse potenti. Fusce et elit lobortis, laoreet metus sit amet, vehicula est. Nulla cursus enim eget libero viverra, sit amet consectetur libero facilisis. Aliquam scelerisque accumsan lacus, ut ornare neque efficitur vitae. In a vulputate diam. Curabitur hendrerit aliquet lacinia. Quisque vel semper mi. Skittles, Taste the rainbow! Sorry, couldn't resist... In all seriousness though; Anything like this could get annoying if used in a serious conversation...
  7. I'm in, let me know what color you need and I'll pop in :3
  8. I may have an idea though; Why not get a crowd of people with their trucks divided into 3 groups. Group 1: Blue trucks Group 2: White trucks Group 3: Red trucks And make the French flag with trucks and then have the same text (JE SUIS CHARLIE) over it?
  9. Tashla

    ETS 2 Hiden City

    In fact.. there is more to it.. Inbetween Hamburg and Kiel there is a new part of clovers/intersections added to the road network. Roundabout from gdańsk to god knows where... Euro Lines Ferry close to the abovementioned roundabouts. (Where Haniball's screenshot was taken) From Rostock towards a very raw part of the map.
  10. At this moment, instead of relying on the traffic lights or mere 'luck' it's best to take note of any signs around intersections and crossings just to be safe.
  11. Tashla


    The developers of the mod have instated and decided that 90 km/h is a 'sane' speed considered the fact that the online word of gaming knows several 'trolls' and in ETS2MP 'rammers'. To keep this 'trolling' and 'ramming' to a minimum and to keep the game experience enjoyable for all the speed limit of 90 km/h has been set as a forced value. They do not plan to change this as has been stated multiple times. If you still wish to drive faster than the instated 90 km/h on EU#1 then you could choose to play on EU#2 which has no collisions enabled and no speed limiter. Hope this helps! ~Tashla
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