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  1. At this moment, instead of relying on the traffic lights or mere 'luck' it's best to take note of any signs around intersections and crossings just to be safe.
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    The developers of the mod have instated and decided that 90 km/h is a 'sane' speed considered the fact that the online word of gaming knows several 'trolls' and in ETS2MP 'rammers'. To keep this 'trolling' and 'ramming' to a minimum and to keep the game experience enjoyable for all the speed limit of 90 km/h has been set as a forced value. They do not plan to change this as has been stated multiple times. If you still wish to drive faster than the instated 90 km/h on EU#1 then you could choose to play on EU#2 which has no collisions enabled and no speed limiter. Hope this helps! ~Tashla
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