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  1. yeah I'm satisfied with all the explanation i got. Thank you, you can close the topic
  2. Thanks a lot guys for the explanations.
  3. Hello guys, i am a little bit confuse about the main road and priority , to the route to Duisburg. Please have a look to the link , and tell me please which of the two arrows have priority there , and also which road in the main road. https://prnt.sc/m9e5ea
  4. there is an issue when driving suddenly every trucks disappear , u only saw the tag names. it happened five times already tonight, and its not only for me
  5. hello guys im new here. can anybody help me with keys using in the game. i know Y for message, V to talk, Tab for users. But i don't know how to join a convoy and how to change radio channel . someone help plz.
  6. its working good now, i had a demo version of ets 2 in my account. had to delete that first, then it start working for me
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