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  1. I believe there would also be a potential licensing issue with players who don't own the Special Cargo DLC seeing the vans. The only other option is to not show the vans for other players, but at that point you might as well drive on singleplayer/convoy.
  2. You are correct that special transport is not supported because of the AI vehicles that escort you. This would cause too many conflicts with other players and would be a mess in general.
  3. Hey there, if you disagree with your report getting declined you are able to submit a feedback ticket to the Game Moderation Management.
  4. It's probably the freeroam server with no rules, but collisions enabled and players can use police cars. It's been that way for the past few years I believe. I haven't heard anything about it though so your guess is as good as mine.
  5. Hey there! When you submit an in-game report, the last 2 minutes of the perpetrator's session are stored on our servers and Game Moderators+ are able to access that report. The server is able to hold up to 100 reports at a time, so if there is not a Game Moderator currently on the server looking at reports, there is a high chance that the report timed out and no action was taken. If you are still on the server when the report is either looked at or timed out, you will be notified of the outcome including if the player was banned or not. If the report timed out, unfortunately, no action can be taken on that player without video evidence.
  6. I can't talk about internal discussions, but feel free to make a suggestion.
  7. I don't see this as necessary. Requiring 24 hours before you can play TruckersMP is too much in my opinion. Let's say a player sees TruckersMP on Youtube, they are a casual gamer and only play a couple hours a week. We should not make this person play ETS2 for 12 weeks before they can join our servers.
  8. This is not entirely correct. When you are reporting in heavily populated areas (Calais, Duisburg, Kirkenes, etc) your report score will not go up. Your report score will go up if you submit valid reports from outside of those populated areas though.
  9. License plates are not required. When save editing, make sure you are paying attention to our save editing rules.
  10. They may group some of the smaller states together, but we are a long way from the Northeast being in ATS. I would say it's more likely ATS gets discontinued before the 48 continental states are in the game.
  11. To clarify, it's the truck brands that would be able to sue TruckersMP if this was implemented. All trademarks are held by the respected company. This is why the original ETS used generic names, because they did not have the appropriate licenses. I would imagine acquiring the licenses would be too expensive for how much money TMP pulls in.
  12. I'm sure there would be tons of licensing issues if this was implemented. SCS gets licenses for the trucks to be in a certain game. If we exported an ATS truck and put it into ETS2 without a valid license, I'm pretty sure that is copyright/trademark infringement. Server costs wouldn't go down because the servers would need a higher capacity, also I don't think we are struggling financially considering we bring in almost $8000 per month on Patreon.
  13. Even if select road rules aren't enforced, hacking, chat/cb abuse, save editing, etc would still need to be moderated.
  14. Looks like construction
  15. Hey there, this is most likely happening due to your DLCs not being synced with TruckersMP. To fix this, do the following: 1. Go to your TruckersMP Settings - https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings 2. Click Linked Games / DLC 3. Click Check DLC If the sync fails, make sure your Steam profile is public.
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