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  1. A little throwback for the OGs http://imgur.com/a/UrGtV
  2. Admins should then get another special ability with tags. Like glittery for example
  3. Suggestion Name: Multi-coloured titlesSuggestion Description: Players should be able to change their tag so that it can have two or more colours. I think it would look really cool and would be a nice touch to the mod.Any example images: I can provide a text example. My tag is Aviator Logistics which is my VTC. The two colours of my VTC are orange and green but I can only use green or orange for the entire tag.Why should it be added?: It would be a nice, little add-on to the tag colouring system and could be useful in a way to people like me who want more colours to represent the company's colour scheme. It can also be used to show your country of origin eg. R(White) U(Blue) S(Red) to make a multicoloured "RUS"
  4. They are only open during the day between 8:00 and 20:00 I believe. (I'm not in game and I've never thought about it so I might be wrong).
  5. ^ Turns out the AI car problem was an error on my part for not looking around long enough. Thanks! Everything is good now (After I pimped out my truck)
  6. I just got multiplayer and there are a few problems I have had. The first problem is money. I somehow got 31 million in MP and now that is how much I have in singleplayer. You may think this money boost is good but I don't feel like I earned it so I need a way to revert this. The second problem is cars. In singleplayer there are no cars on the road anymore. Any help is well appreciated.
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