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  1. Congratulations on your Promotion!

  2. Congrats @[WTLVTC - Owner] Senka 


    I've got a little song to remind you of the Nut House convoy :P :


    1. [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

      [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

      Time for a senka remix 

  3. Welcome aboard the #PinkTeam <3

    1. [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

      [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

      #PinkTeam FTW unless any Even Team are reading this then go #BlueTeam :wesmart:

  4. Congratulations to the owner of one of TMP's large VTC's for becoming a Supporter!

  5. Congratulations BOSS!

    1. [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

      [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

      :o A boss where? I didn't know support had a boss level!

    2. Kamer


      As a successful community VTC boss I offer you my congratulations again. Not as a Support boss.

  6. Step No.1 when being support:




    Good luck

    1. [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

      [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

      I better start practicing!

  7. [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

    [WTLVTC] Worldwide Trucking Logistics

    Just HTML, CSS, Javascript etc the usual stuff. All coded no website builders used.
  8. [WTLVTC - Owner] Senka

    [WTLVTC] Worldwide Trucking Logistics

    Thanks BlackSkill