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  1. Hi folks. I can't remember how to copy an existing game to another pc, so I can use it on my new pc in stead of starting all over again. best regards Spadauren
  2. I've just reinstalled my computer, and made a backup of my ETS games - but now I don't know where to put them because I just used the standart installation from Steam. Can enyone help me. I'd be kind a sad if I have to start all over again. Best regards Spandauren
  3. Thanks guys - It works again
  4. Hello folks With all this downgrade/update for ETS2, now my steam won't update. I've reinstalled the multiplayer to the latest release. Now I've tried to set my ETS2 on steam on no betas, but the update is on hold. I can't force it to continue, not even when I try to use the temporary 1.23.x again, the game won't start. Eny solusions? Regards Spandauren
  5. Every thing is correct untill the last part, it's not true If you want to take the first exit in a roundabout in Denmark you MUST use your right indicator BEFORE entering. I myself is finishing my drivinglicense thies days
  6. Thanks for all of the replies Spandauren Edit: The chatbox can't stay open, when I want to enter enything else, like e.g. joblist or my menu
  7. Ach so! Thanks for quick reply I hope I can finde the chat button, 'cause I haven't yet haha Spandauren
  8. Hello Everybody I've been kicked of the server several time now just for being AFK, either by looking for jobs, in garage or workshops. How do I get back on the server without qiuting my game and restart the game? Sencerly Spandauren
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