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  1. Frightfest 2017 - Phantom Spooktacular!

    @Elsassisch_Trucker [FR] convoy STARTS AT 7:30 Pm BST.
  2. Frightfest 2017 - Phantom Spooktacular!

    Nice event.i will be joining.
  3. Keep Calm and Keep on Trucking  :)

  4. Every place I've ever driven, has a beauty all its own. Sometimes, you need to see it and feel it to believe it. :)

  5. +1 I love this idea. It's a great way to really know if the positive rating has really been given as I can view the truthful rating and that I won't need to count manually to ensure if the amount of reports I can send in is based on how many positive/negative ratings I have.
  6. Introduce Yourself Here !

    hi everyone,if all of you want to play together than join official Tmp Discord.here its not possible to chat using this TMP forum.we can join together and vote for Indian channel for communication in Tmp discord.then its easy for everyone to play together.
  7. Discord for indians

    i would like the idea but as far as i seen most of them don't check tmp Forum and no one replied.
  8. Introduce Yourself Here !

    Hi guys, Its nice to see many indian in TMp forum.I am from Hyderabad,Telangana. Presently staying in Italy.I am doing Masters here.I don't follow TMP forum regularly.I started Playing game 2 years back.i have both ETS2 and ATS.i will be online most of time in steam,discord. Steam id: ajith18592 | #Wish64 Discord id : ajith18592#6556
  9. Traffic Offences defaulted and binded to TMP account IDs.

    ^ thank for the support and i think 100 is less as far in multiplayer because of many trollers.
  10. Traffic Offences defaulted and binded to TMP account IDs.

    I never asked which server is good and realistic to drive.i am just giving my suggestion that how to reduce traffic jam in cities in all servers.so using that system can reduce little work for admins.thats all.
  11. Traffic Offences defaulted and binded to TMP account IDs.

    This might be nice idea.Hope this works.the people following traffic rules should be rewarded like points that's nice statement.
  12. Traffic Offences defaulted and binded to TMP account IDs.

    Thanks for reply now i understood.i was just hoping atleast some drivers to follow signal.
  13. Traffic Offences defaulted and binded to TMP account IDs.

    i am just mentioning like there should be little upgade to mod and it does the counting part and ban drivers for 1 day some thing like that.there is nothing to do with admin and but it helps them to keep traffic steady
  14. Traffic Offences defaulted and binded to TMP account IDs.

    if there is no penalties in multiplayer than who cares about stats.for real i am saying how to decrease traffic in cities i was suggesting for a new rule.and most of the people don't record game while playing and for example there are many drivers in calais server 2 like 150 drivers.if they follow this rule it can decrease most of accidents right. As i already said 300 is not a small number.if innocent people can't follow simple traffic rules or they got trolled by someone and the probability of getting trolled every time is less.If this is implemented it will be nice and realistic. i have never seen Offences for Collision in multiplayer.i was just suggesting for offence for traffic lights and speeding and for real all drivers know what they are doing on road.if they skip traffic lights in cities that can cause huge jam in cities.As multiplayer is like more realistic and i want to suggest this rule to make it synced with real world.