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  1. Hurrrrrrryy 3 days left! Have a go at receiving the Italy Map DLC for ETS2! Completing all tasks within the form will improve your chances at getting it What are you waiting for?!
    Participating link : https://gleam.io/PGluq/flagships-bella-italia-giveaway
    Follow our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/events.flagship/

  2. ^ presently we are having issues with our website and our are dev's are trying to solve the issue. sorry for multiple tag there was some issue with my internet its on EU1 server.
  3. Hello @Aled_Morris , Only convoy route 1 and 2 beginning at the same time at 17:00 GMT. You get to decide your starting point as MANCHESTER, England or NICE, France. The 2 seperate convoys will then meet in ROTTERDAM, Netherlands.Convoy route 3 starts at 19:20 GMT from ROTTERDAM, Netherlands and ends at Stockholm, Sweden.
  4. Hello everyone, Flagship Events are proud to present you Remembrance Saturday this year, with a brand new event for you! We will begin separately but merge as ONE this coming November 11th @ 5pm GMT as we come together as a UNITED community to commemorate the brave who have and/or are still continuously contributing against terror as well as the souls lost to the unspoken amount of tragedies all over the world.

    For more information 

  5. Massive Steam Key giveaway!:D 9 ways to enter.

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      You are welcome:troll:

  6. Want to be part of the Flagship Events family? Recruitment is open for our Media and Event Operation teams. Connecting your world to discover what's possible. We create experience and deliver results.Your involvement - shaping tomorrow's success.
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    Looking forward to meeting you!:D

  7. Fancy yourself a new map expansion DLC? Come take part in Flagship Events competition giveaway if you haven't already done so! Completing all the actions in the form will give you a higher chance of winning the upcoming ITALY DLC for ETS2. What are you waiting for, come grab every chance you can! Best of luck to all you participants!


  8. Hi, Its public convoy and you can join for any convoy. Hi, Just pick up a job before joining our convoy.
  9. Frightfest Event:P will start in 3 hours 30 mins.join us at Mannheim, southwest Germany in EU1 server to solve this year's mystery.for more details http://truckers.events/event/541-Frightfest-2017-Phantom-Spooktacular!

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      Cya at the event Aj. ;)

  10. I was part of Globex VTC and really enjoyed their convoys.if i have some more time to spare. i will rejoin back in team.
  11. With the new DLC coming, Flagship Events have organized a giveaway! Use the following link to enter, and share it around if you could! :P



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  12. Keep Calm and Keep on Trucking  :)

  13. Every place I've ever driven, has a beauty all its own. Sometimes, you need to see it and feel it to believe it. :)