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    Granada - Andalucia - Spain
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    Spanish Trucks: Pegaso, Barreiros, Ebro
    Arab Trucks: Sonacome/SNVI
    Turkish Trucks: Ford F-Max, BMC Trucks
    Indian Trucks: Tata Trucks, Mahindra-Navistar
    US-Trucks: Freightliner Cascadia, Volvo VNL


    I'm interested on Cricket and i play Cricket
    I like Cricket teams from Pakistan, India, England


    I'm interested on Arabic countries like Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Morocco. All this countries about his culture, tradition, clothes, languages, architecture.
    I like moroccan tea. Best tea in the world. :-)
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    New Mexico: Albuquerque
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    France: Marseille
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    Español | English | Deutsch | العربية

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About Me

۞ Camionero andalusi ۞
سائق شاحنة الأندلسي
LKW-Fahrer aus Andalusien


Hello Truckers,

i'm Andalusi Trucker and i come from Andalusia (South Spain).
I am interested in this two truck sim: Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.
In the ETS2 game i'm driving a Iveco Stralis Hi-Way all the time. I dont drive other truck. So i'm a hardcore Iveco Driver.
I hope that SCS put the new Iveco Stralis XP 2016 in future patch in ETS2.


My favourite trucks are...

...Spanish Trucks: Pegaso, Barreiros, Ebro
...Arab Trucks: Sonacome/SNVI
...Turkish Trucks: Ford F-Max, BMC Trucks
...Indian Trucks: Tata Trucks, Mahindra-Navistar
...US-Trucks: Freightliner Cascadia, Volvo VNL


About my home
Andalusia is known for olives, sunflowers, prickly pears, big watermelons and tomatoes from the desert in Almeria.
Andalusia has mediterranean climate and desert climate (in Almeria).


About the trucks in Spain
The trucks in Spain is traditionally

- Iveco Stralis (older Stralis and the Hi-Way)

- Iveco EuroCargo (mostly from the 90s)

- Ebro L Series / Nissan Atleon

But some old traditional spanish trucks like Pegaso Troner, Ebro, Avia from the years 1970, 1980 and 1990s will be driven. The Ebro truck is more driven in the province of Almeria and desert of Almeria. Lot of trucks are not in good condition.


Spain is the country with the most trucks in Europe:

4.985.000 trucks are registered in Spain. Andalusia have 877.000 trucks !!! So Spain is a country of trucks.
Speed limit in Spain is 90 kmh. (for trucks up to 7 tones)



About the Iveco trucks


Iveco is founded in Turin (Italy) on year 1975.

Iveco is a italian company. But all the Iveco Stralis trucks and the new Stralis XP and NP are manufactured in Madrid (Spain).

Known trucks from Iveco is Iveco TurboStar, Iveco EuroStar, Iveco Stralis, Iveco Hi-Way.



This is my current ride on MP:


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