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  1. 2020 has been a tough year. This year hasn't been the year that people wanted, nor expected but unfortunately it is what it is - there is nothing we can do apart from keep safe. Regardless, I wish you all a happy, Merry Christmas. Keep in close contact with your family and friends because life is hard right now for everyone, even if they're going through the littlest of things. I hope you all have a good christmas and a happy new year too. 🎄



    1. JuanK_TMP


      Wow! Beautiful words brother. ❤️

  2. Welcome back to the Team.

  3. Late night drive with @LetiFreshi


    1. saadzinho


      Beautiful Scania's ❤️ 

    2. Nightmaree.


      Nice Truck ❤👑

    3. Jamie_


      Thank you!

  4. @Schak Bruijn Boi! I never sad DAF was a bad truck (I don't think anyway kekw). I always drive a Scania S, yes, because that is my favourite truck. I "test drove" a DAF XF the other night and I do have my pros and cons about it. I do prefer my Scania S, because I think it is the best truck by far. I own a DAF XF105 and a DAF XF so they are not the worst truck, but it is not the type of truck I would drive very often. But my Scania is better than your DAF
  5. Good evening.


    1. JamesS014


      Good job mate! ❤️ Very niceee

    2. Jamie_
  6. If you're on about turning off the CB, you can also use the /channel command in chat and using the number 0 to turn the CB off.
  7. Welcome back to the TruckersMP Team.

  8. Welcome back!

  9. Suggestion name: Bring back the /report command. Suggestion description: Reporting user's on the TruckersMP Game Server's using /report [ID] [Reason] Any image exampels: N/A - Command used before but turned into a report system via tab/player-list menu. Why should it be added: I think bringing back the /report command would come in very handy when reporting someone. If you're a user like me who has a wheel and can handle driving and messaging at the same time, if it's not a long message and safe to do so, this would be very good and quick. However, if you get rammed or something
  10. Congratulations on your promotion!. Good luck.

    1. SMURFY.


      Thank you! :wub:

  11. Happy 4th Year Anniversary and Birthday, TruckersMP! I hope there is a lot more to come. <3
  12. Great job, @HumaneWolf! Keep up the good work
  13. Hey! The autosaves on TruckersMP are making me lag quite a bit and was wondering where the command is to turn it off in the config.cfg because it's really annoying. Any help/suggestions will be appreciated. Many thanks, Truckerboy
  14. Thanks @Mirko9 Your solution has worked. Thanks for the help!
  15. I've restarted the TruckersMP Launcher about 5 times every 5 or so minutes. Still coming up with the same message.
  16. Well... I downgraded my ETS2 to Temporary 1.30 to play ETS2MP, then there was an update and mostly everyone is on Opt out of all betas now because of the new version and now I'm getting this message every single time I launch mp: And I don't understand how the following link contains people connected to TruckersMP EU#2 & 3 servers
  17. Hello! I have played 2 Hours of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, my profile is set to public so everyone can see it / add me and its saying this when i register on TruckersMP.com: Fix the errors below and try again We where unable to find Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator on your account, please ensure your profile is set to public and that you have played the game at least 2 hours
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