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  1. // Removed Spring Graphics/Weather Mod Support
  2. Happy Birthday Leon! 🥰

  3. Hello, I prefer Police 2 skin with EU Leds+ usually. But I also use Black skin with Civil Police Leds sometimes
  4. Hello, both of Goodyear and Michelin are same. But Michelin has more tires than Goodyear. I use Goodyear tires because I like its design. But as you can see Michelin X Line Energy - Michelin X Multi Energy - Goodyear Fuelmax S Gen2 tires are the best right now. Goodyear DLC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1117140/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Goodyear_Tyres_Pack/ Michelin DLC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/388471/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Michelin_Fan_Pack/ If you want to buy one of these, I recommend Michelin.
  5. Thanks for the follow! 🥰

    1. Nicolasete


      You're welcome mate, and thanks for the follow too!! 💛

  6. Selamlar, Af talebinize 3 gün içerisinde bir cevap verilmezse buraya tıklayarak bir feedback oluşturabilirsiniz. Kategoriyi Game Moderation Management olarak seçtikten sonra, kullanmak istediğiniz dili seçin. Daha sonra problemi detaylı bir şekilde açıklayıp cevap bekleyin.
  7. Hello there, You can get kicked for unreliable connection when you are in crowded areas. This is normal because sometimes if your pc is not good enough to load game on time, you can get kicked for unreliable connection.
  8. Merhaba, hesabınızı silip farklı bir hesap açarak TruckersMP'de oynamaya devam ederseniz, yine ban evading yapmış olursunuz. Süresiz banlı olduğunuz için, ne şekilde olursa olsun TruckersMP'de oynamaya devam etmeniz ban evading olarak geçecektir. Son olarak evet, ban affı durumu söz konusu olmadığı sürece hiçbir zaman TruckersMP'de oynayamazsınız.
  9. I will drive the bus when it comes. I am really excited about that and I want to drive it as soon as possible.
  10. Hello there, You must be registered on the forum for at least 3 months for all the teams including Game Moderation. Every team has team specific requirements, you can read all of them here: You can also view the latest Game Moderator recruitment and its requirements here: This rule is important because a staff member must interact with people. And I don't think its better to remove this rule.
  11. Yes, you can play ProMods after buying all of them. The roads of DLCs are much better than the normal ones.
  12. I usually drive Scania S and Volvo FH.
  13. I'm excited about new updates. I am not sure about AI Traffic but the buses will be great.
  14. Hello there, If your report has been claimed by a moderator, then you should wait patiently for the result. This process can take some time and there is too much reports that they have to review.
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