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  1. Well I think, it would bug a lot... cause' It's hard to sync even traffic lights!
  2. Just do it! Don't let your dreams be dreams!
  3. I use G29 with 6-speed shifter and it's the best possible combination for ETS2.
  4. Hey guys, I would like you to share photos and informations about your trucks. Informations such as brand, model, engine specs etc. I'm just looking for a new idea for my next truck. Thanks in advance! Koolyc
  5. Thank you so much appreciate it... They’re from Special Transport DLC... They’re from Special Transport DLC...
  6. Thanks a lot I’m working on another one (and another one... )
  7. Hello, Please, share your ETS2MP YouTube compilations here. I'd like to get a little bit of inspiration. If you want, you can have a look at my work HERE Thanks, Koolyc - Convoy Security Group
  8. I use shadowplay....if I press the combination Alt+F10, it saves last 2 minutes - it doesn't take much space on my HDD.
  9. Hello truckers, Since this is a Veteran subforum, there are experienced drivers. My questions are: 1. Do you use motor brake? 2. Do you play on a steering wheel? 2.1 Do you use sequential shifting or H-Shifter? 2.2 Do you have 2 or 3 pedals? 3. What is your favorite truck? 3.1 How many HP does it have? 3.2 What is the cab configuration? 4. How many DLC’s do you have (write them)? 5. Do you join convoys? 6. Do you sometimes go C-D just for fun? Thanks for answering Koolyc - Convoy Security Group
  10. About 16... I don't make report without the evidence (video)...I always forget to start recording :/
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