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      Game versions updated - It's time to downgrade!   08/16/17

      Once again a new version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have been released. If you wish to carry on playing TruckersMP, for the time being you will need to downgrade your game versions to   ETS2: "temporary_1_27 - 1.27.x for incompatible mods" ATS: "temporary_1_6 - 1.6.x for incompatible mods"   Use the following to learn how to downgrade:      Thanks!


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  1. We will miss you sad to see you go

  2. BMW are rubbish imo

    1. KrewlexDesigns


      Depends on what type of vehicle you talk about .

  3. Come on my profile and get stared at ;) NW0FJYs.png 

  4. Sorry bro



  5. Imma leave the internet for a couple days cya

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    2. Natedoggg457


      Ye what was happening didn't happen so im back :) 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      that was quick :lol: welcome back

    4. Mike Dragon
  6. Dis dog is a happy dog never felt this way before tha music im tuned into is converting me

  7. Imagine if TMP support was on Skype and you could call it for support "Hello TMP support how can I help?" "Ban ban he rammed me ban ban he need ban"

    1. Sir Smokey - #24S
    2. Azyer


      What have you been smoking?

  8. hi n8dog

    1. Natedoggg457


      That ain't my name. Please don't call me that ever again.

    2. Kravatie
  9. Ban people be like hammer time.

    1. Kravatie


      you must get a hammer beating then

    2. Natedoggg457


      Kravatie on ETS2 giphy.gif 

    3. KrewlexDesigns


      @Natedoggg457 Looks like him , saw him driving :P:P:P