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  1. Welcome back

  2. The truth to be told Live on an episode of Natedoggg's conspiracy theory this Tuesday

  3. Hidden power, secerts, coverups? you think you know the whole story? Well think again, Ive been govenor, Navy seal, Figher, Ive heard things that would blow your mind, ive been on the inside


    Now im ready to talk



    Is tmp doing an coverup of what really happened?


    Are the Community managers, Project managers, Web devs Robots?


    They hiring normal people and changing them?


    Mind control and more?


    We will find out soon on a new episode of 


    Natedoggg's Conspiracy's 

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    2. Natedoggg457


      The truth to be told Live on an episode of Natedoggg's conspoiry theory this tuesday

    3. Spyder - Truckers.FM
    4. Itzsygame


      It's Skynet Alpha Version , developed base on AlphaGo technologies , It is now trying to learn how to kill peeps by banning peeps.

  4. If i ever become a DJ on a radio station ill do a show with my mum

    1. Cytanes


      Promoted to DJ at "Cytanes Radio" :troll:

    2. Spyder - Truckers.FM

      Spyder - Truckers.FM

      You should totally apply for TFM and do this! I would promote, sponser and listen! xD

  5. let's all get on experimental :troll:

    1. stilldre1976


      Just been on there pulling double trailers with the police car great server .......... :troll:

  6. Congratulations 

  7. First become an forum moderator you gotta meet the requirements to become one first. Than next time moderator applications are open apply if you are lucky enough you might get accepted, after a few weeks/months/years the project managers will discuss or decide to make you an admin, once you are made admin you can drive the epic police car, and enforce the rules.
  8. Well I saved someone a ban from TMP 


  9. ^ That's the joke ramming people at 250mph trucks can fly from Duisburg to Calais in under 5 minutes
  10. I have a crush on Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon ;)

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    2. Natedoggg457


      Stop acting like you wanna take Astrid off me then 

    3. Smalley - Truckers.FM

      Smalley - Truckers.FM

      Wut? xD I keep my crushes to real life people. Why would I have a crush on a cartoon character? lol. 

    4. Natedoggg457


      I like the lol at the end


      trying to make it sound funny.



      Astrid is hot tbh

  11. Come and join me on minecraft! Connect IP:

    1. SgtBreadStick


      This is "Truckers"MP not "Minecraft"MP :P 

  12. Driveable Mclaren P1 with real speeds with an no damage mod