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    Hello, I am Kacper, I am 16 years old and I come from Poland. I go to middle school class 3. I am interested in transport logistics and computer graphics.

    Cześć jestem Kacper ,mam 16 lat interesuje się
    transportem międzynarodowym oraz krajowym jednym słowem logistyką transportu.
    Poza tym interesuję się grafiką komputerową oraz muzyką.

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  • American Garage Location California: San Francisco
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  1. New Police design (Europe)

    Who needs some paintjob for the police? It's good painting and similar to most countries, so I do not see the need for change.
  2. Good night everybody :D



      You joined VIVA

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      good night and have a nice dream mate :P 

  3. Magia? Jak on to zrobił?

    Pewnie to są lagi łącza internetowego ;P
  4. Thank you for following :D:car:

  5. Best trucks and why

    DAF XF 106, because it is very nicely made and I like the color scheme of the interior.
  6. Background resolution on the forum profile

    I have a reply 1920x225 You can close the topic
  7. What is the resolution for the background on the truckersmp forum profile is the best that you can not see the pixels?
  8. ETS2 & ATS - Dyskusja

    SCS zapowiedziało aktulizację DLC Mighty Griffin do nowej Scanii
  9. Hello!
    Have a nice evening and a wide road :D 
    1. Connor200024


      Have a good evening too! :D 

    2. JJay


      Hello, have a nice day ^_^

  10. Multiplayer Launcher

    I must say that it looks nice
  11. NEW TRAILER KRONE/ Nuevo Tráilers Krone

    It's nice that there will be new semi-trailers, especially Krone ...
  12. Done with EU2, onto EU1

    You can find fewer trolls on EU1, but you can find fewer trolls on DLC, and most on C-D.