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  1. Hello I could ask if I have a ban for about half a year and 1 ban was unreasonable I could have one more chance I have learned from the crash of mistakes and I am very sorry I would not break the rules and behave decent and I would it never did it if you read it so I'd like to thank you

  2. Zmieniłem nazwisko na słowacki. proszę odbanować

  3. Good night TruckersMP. Sweet dreams and see ya tomorrow :tmp: :love:

  4. Kiedy dostane unbana? Miałem bana do dzisiaj do 22:07 i dalej go mam

  5. Hi Truckers, Have a nice day :D



  6. can i get an admin to see whats going on, im minding my own & getting abuse of a guy who just wont leave me alone! hes been doing it for over a year 

    1. [Magic-Trans] Shadii

      [Magic-Trans] Shadii

      Hi @ScaniaFan89,


      This is not a place to talk about the ban. If you have proof of how a person breaks TruckersMP rules, write a report on our TruckersMP website, use this link: https://truckersmp.com/reports and wait patiently until the Game Moderator checks the report.


      // Locked

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  7. Hope everyone has a great weekend :D!

  8. Good Morning, 

    Have a nice week :) 

  9. Good night. Sleep well & sweet dreams :D

  10. Congrats New Position In TruckersMP :love:

  11. Gratulacje i powodzenia w nowej pozycji

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