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  1. I would recommend following the support format and giving information on things like if you are using steam or not. If you are using steam: Follow the path Library- Right click on game name - properties - betas - select the beta you would like to opt into - (whatever version you need, should start with temporary_) If you are not using steam: I have no idea, hopefully someone else knows. But I believe you read what beta you need wrong, For Euro Truck I am using temporary_1_25. ATS should be the latest version. In general to start trouble shooting, read the full error message and try to tell us what it says, and make sure you have the latest version of the mod installed, even if you do try a fresh reinstall. If that still doesn't work try a computer restart. It rarely does anything but it's always a good step to do.
  2. Anyone else having trouble connecting to US1 on ATS?


  3. Finally back and playing ATS again.

  4. When someone breaks the rules and posts the video of them doing it


    1. Magma_Crafter


      For the people saying, slow down your in multiplayer 


      Flips car


      Maybe your right


  5. Sadly admins have a lot of other work to do, deal with other reports and appeals, moderate the constant flow of forum posts to make sure they are following very specific rules. Moderate in game reports and usually want to play the game a little and this is only after they are done with school / work. You can expect for stuff like this to take three or more days sometimes and I have heard they got flooded with reports. ( I do realize you said you understand but I think its always better to just wait in that situation) Please note: If you feel like this ban was handled unfairly you can contact the support team at [email protected] This applies to the entire experience you had with the admin but I recommend you think about what he saw and what he probably thought first and make that email in a calm way. Admins are good people and it was probably a misunderstanding.
  6. First: I have seen similar threads before, please search at least a little before posting to help keep the forums clean. There is a recommended format for these to help us diagnose the issue easier, it would be preferred if you use it. Second: I have also been getting these on ATS when I alt tab out of the game but this is probably a separate issue with my hardware, I believe they were saying it is best to just wait when you do get this and it just takes time. If I am wrong and it is not a bug with the multiplayer mod, you may have to go into your files, remove and save your personal profile information, delete everything manually not through steam, then re download the game. @OfficialFr8kyFabii (using for notification purposes :l not allowed to use quote)
  7. "did you follow the basic debug process?" "whats that?" "Shut it down and turn it back on again." "It didn't work." "Hit it a few times and try again" Its probably just the fact that the game simulates travel time by making you sit on a black screen (which in single player usually shows time) for a minute or two while it shows time tick by.
  8. Company convoy tomorrow at 5pm central, meet at the LA service station on US 1. everyone is invited. Destination is El centro or as close as you can get, if you don't have one out of LA grab one before hand. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SyntheticSinz


      ETS2MP or ATS MP?

    3. Forerunner


      @SyntheticSinz well its in LA heading to El Centro...

    4. SyntheticSinz


      @Forerunner Thanks. I'll be there tomorrow, that would be 4pm for me.

  9. Our company is now hiring, check this out for more information.


  10. Make sure you verified your account, it could also be hours but I haven't had trouble with that so I don't know what it would tell you. Have you had your account for awhile? If so have you done anything significant recently (like update or modify profile information)? None of these really should affect it too much but helps us find out what could have caused it and why.
  11. After becoming more active in the forum and game, being an admin/mod seems like too much work :l 


    Finally in a VTC :) its nice to be apart of a group in this game. 

    1. mutlob


      For sure... makes you appreciate all that the admins/mods do for TMP.

  12. I am working on building a new one
  13. So never XD.
  14. Thanks everyone It does help, for some reason I am tailed way too often, and have definitely thought about it XD. The reason I ask about merging is because someone pulled in front of me as I was about to enter the exit ramp and forced me to stop in the middle of the expressway. In a convoy we used two lanes to get back into the correct positions, someone pulled up behind us and said they were going to report us, later found out they never did.
  15. I just have a few questions on the current rules. When overtaking is it punishable if you do not follow the guidelines and it results in an accident or almost cause an accident? If there is a convoy and they temporarily use all two lanes on the expressway (while still moving) would it be considered blocking? If someone is tailing you too closely for a prolonged period of time and you shut off your engine would that be considered ramming for purposely causing them to rear end you? Thanks for the help
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