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  1. Thankyou sooooo mutch it worked You can close this topic now
  2. Hello, I got a TrustMaster T150 already a long time. But i still dont know how to fix this, when my wheel is in real at the half of the 900degrees rotation it just goes really fast ingame untill the end, i dont know how to fix it but it is really annoying. Any help please?
  3. Hello, I have a "Trustmaster T150 RS" Steeringwheel. I configured it to 900 rotation radius. If i startup my TruckersMP and i start driving its perfect! BUT If i am like at a half of my rotation it just rotates automaticly to the end, INGAME not my steeringwheel. How do i fix this? It is irritating sometimes when i need to make a Uturn or something. -Tim
  4. I just bought a TrustMaster T150 RS. My steeringwheel is working perfectly. But my pedals are doing weird, if i want to change my forward key in the keyboard settings ETS2 cant find my acceleration pedal, My brake pedal is activated the hole time so i cant drive. Some help please.
  5. Kruumol


    I startup ETS2 and start playing. I played only 5minutes and my game already crashes for no reason i get a crash report and thats all. I cant play ETS2 Mp anymore because i am crashing the hole time!! Help me please...
  6. Link van Logo: https://gyazo.com/da3b9c8e374b15aad492c45a3ccda345 ___________________________________________ Hoi , Mijn naam is Tim! Ik ben 13jaar en heb mijn eigen VTC gestart! "FreeWayTransport" De naam is Engels maar wij spelen in het Nederlands Wij hebben momenteel nog geen leden , Maar wij zijn er druk mee bezig Wij zijn dus een VirtualTruckingCompanie , Wij rijden dus rond de map en doen transporten en convoys! Zou jij willen joinen? Heb je TS3? Pak dan je kans! En JOIN! ___________________________________________ TS3: Site: http://freewaytransport.tk/ Leden kunnen hier ETS2 en ATS spelen , Tuurlijk andere games zijn ook toegestaan!! Je moet niet in een andere VTC zitten En het is verplicht om in onze kleuren te rijden Het is ook verplicht om op steam [FWT] voor je naam te zetten! ___________________________________________ Lijkt het jou wat? Kom dan nu solliciteren! ___________________________________________ Join en wie weet zien wij jou binnenkort!! ___________________________________________ PS: Logo van VTC was 4mb dus kan die niet uploaden , Vandaar gewoon even een linkje ___________________________________________ Eisen/Regels -Een goed werkende Microfoon -Netjes kunnen gedragen -Voor jong en oud -Geen discriminatie ___________________________________________ Je kan zelf ook wel bedenken wat wel slim is om te zeggen/doen en wat niet
  7. If i startup my ETS2 MP i get this error Can someone help me ? I wanna play ETS2
  8. Kruumol


    Thankyou! Now if i ever make a convoy i can use this!! Help Succesfull!! THANKYOU
  9. Kruumol


    1 got a trailer and hi uploads hi's profile and the other guys download it?
  10. Kruumol


    Hello people I saw a convoy from china and everyone got the same truck or same skin , I know how to do that BUT the all got the same trailer and they where with 15people or more , How do you get a convoy with everyone the same trailer?
  11. Thanks i will try it ! but do it work for online to? I put it in me ETS2 i activated the mod in singleplayer , i started ETS2MP and if i look at mod manager , there stays a exclamation mark behind the mod name . What to do?
  12. I saw someone driving witha trailer with cows in it how do you get that trailers? Is it a DLC? or where can i download it , Someone can help me?
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