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  1. I know I can't use them and I know I can use the car only in freeroam servers. I didn't do any wrong thing. My car is blue and there is no police or pilot accesory. Just a blue car.
  2. Hello, I have a problem. I bought a car with the new update and I tried to drive it in people but I kicked from the server. "You were kicked from the game. Reason: Invalid accessory set detected. Sorry, you're not a police officer!" I checked my car after this though I know I did not buy any police thing for my car. Guess what: I did not see any police thing in my car! I know I can't use my new car with police skin or another police or pilot thing. But as I said: My car is all clear. There is no police accessory or something like that *uck (duck). (My English can be bad because of I'm a Turkish man. So if I made a mistake, please ignore it.)
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