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    Rigids in ETS2... What do you think?

    It would definitely be a great game addition, however the chances of it happening soon seem unlikley unless they have had someone secretly working on it. From physics changes, new truck models, which they may even have to vist manufactures for, along with the current delivery yard not being really best suited it may be some time. Who knows maybe the one yard prefab in scandinavia DLC that features one of these cargo boxes is a hint at things to come.
  2. Harrybo699

    Funny Old Video ETS2/ATS

    From the awful intro to the laggy ending this video is such a throwback for me. I hope it is for you too.
  3. Harrybo699

    Dirt roads?

    Small country and dirty roads have been a much requested feature of map updates for years. If you look at examples from each DLC in order of time released they get better and better every time. Orgeon really takes this to the next level and i'm sure it will be the same with the Baltic Sea DLC.
  4. Harrybo699

    Suggestions for creating a constraint

    My current thinking is that hopefully scs re mapping old parts of the map will fix the C-D road issue as that’s the only real “fix” because even a speed limiter will just result in 1 mph difference overtakes. Not what we want. But there no easy fix.
  5. Harrybo699

    Best Acceleration in Trucks with normal Cargo

    Id say Either Scania or Volvo with the best engine and then you get to the point of demonising returns. If if you use automatic make sure your in “High Power” mode on the controls options to get the most. However I’m pretty sure manual is faster so you can control gear skipping. For which I suggest 12 speed use even split only. (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.) Also having clutch enabled is slower. (You can just make it unassigned in options) Chassis make no real difference as long as it’s not 8x4. Hope that’s some help.
  6. Harrybo699

    Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    I think that at the moment SCS have more than enough on there plate. What with the rest of America to map and all. When time does come though SCS will probably go where there fans are and to me it seemes the next big place is China.
  7. Harrybo699

    Please learn your priorities!

    Yeah also the road markings on the ground do make you question if you have right of way, I guess they were trying to make it a don’t not obstruct area but it hasn’t been interpreted by players like the Map dev probably hoped.
  8. Harrybo699

    What would be your favorite truck interior?

    I’d say Man accatuly. Very uncommon but in terms of interior NOTHING can match its ergonomic perfection and brilliant design. Not great to look at but it’s function more than makes up for it. Two side windows for better visibility at “V” junctions is just one example
  9. Harrybo699

    Why are so many players joining the forum? Discussion

    Well at first it was probably because I was looking at a help guide or something, then I used it to get some opinions on something. Recently I started using it much more to help anyone looking at my application to in game admin to see what I was like. It’s also something I look at to kill 5 minutes now and then.
  10. I think it’s popularity exists because people prefer it to driving around with no people. The only way to get people away is an event like the WOT Sweden event. This puts players in a general area away from CD road.
  11. Harrybo699

    Your compilations

    Here is my TruckersMP playlist: HERE Its mostly made of “Chaos on the road” series. New video release in the next day or 2. It’s important to try to be unique, Since it’s a pretty over saturated area.
  12. Harrybo699

    Hours played at ETS2?

    Currently I’m at 720 Hours in ETS2.
  13. Harrybo699

    MPH dash for the new Scout

    Shouldn't been too difficult to implement but probably takes a lot of time to make it accurate.
  14. Harrybo699

    What do you think about that Light rule?

    I normally always at least have the side lights on, so that interior lights are on and so that users with rain don’t get ghost drivers all the time. I think how it is now is fine and gets the right balance. Having said that I find that ppl that have there high beams on ALL THE TIME is pretty annoying, particularly when they have the accessory lights on too.
  15. Harrybo699


    It would also be nice if the speedo was switched to MPH for the right hand drive version. Though I can image that’s a big process to get it reading accurately.
  16. Harrybo699

    How often do you replace your truck in-game?

    I basically change constantly almost after every other job. Normally with a different paint scheme or config. I do keep coming back to the new Scania though.