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  1. Iveco Hi-way with the 16 speed gearbox. It's got loads of torque >50km/h and really fun to drive. It's also got (imo) the best horn of any truck!
  2. I use the third option, sequential, because I get the best control I can get with just a keyboard . Personally, I find this style works very well with the 16spd Iveco box. It's just a lot more enjoyable and a lot more in control than auto. And, if you're struggling up a hill and the guy behind with 750hp and zero weight in his trailer is impatient and honking, you can only blame yourself, rather than getting annoyed at your box for changing gears badly.
  3. I feel the rules are quite tight, and rather unbalanced, For example, i've made loads of errors in game and no doubt caused loads of accidents over the years, but my first report was over a very minor mistake by what I consider a troll reporter (he had a report compilation with loads of minor incidents). After dealing with bans, even though using a recorder creates more lag, and I seem to be in less control than without it, I always use it because there are idiots who maliciously attack you, and because I need it to justify incidents that have been caused by lag, as well as give my point of view, as clips sent in can be rather on the fence about how bad the incident really was. I will pretty much forgive most people who apologies, though some just say''sorry man, pls no report, pls'' than act like idiots after and just keep going which is frankly stupid, and i do report them. As an example here is an old clip of someone I reported as their driving was continually pretty shocking, but I wouldn't report someone just for pulling out on me, or bumping in to me in say a petrol station, if they show at least a little remorse. PS I drive much more safely now, and have stopped using the car in areas with high traffic as it just gets you bullied by others
  4. Generally, unless you can only go one way, or there is no one at the junction in question I will stop. Sometimes at a T-junction where all the roads have 4 lanes, if I'm in the road going straight on, and in the lane furthest from the road connecting up the T I will sometimes run the lights, as it really doesn't harm anyone, even if there are 10 people in the city, though obviously, this is only after looking on the GPS and out the window to be sure I'm not going to affect anyone else. I try not to do this if someone is already stopped opposite(or if they're in the same direction as me, I'll just wait behind them), as it's pretty annoying when you're waiting and someone just blows through the red.
  5. I find it's an excellent game to just wind down to. with a truck you can just jump job to job. I've developed a route with a car that goes from the northwest exit out of Osnabruck, then head down along to the south Koln exit before turning back and going back north, or if I want to extend it, this can go as far as Lille before turning back. I can tell you cruising along at 120km.h (max safe speed on the twisty section near dusseldorf) or 130 with the radio on is very relaxing and can help me deal with stress, as well as adding an actually realistically driven car into the game for others to interact with. it does sometimes eat up more time than it should though, but overall, it's been an enjoyable acc
  6. My current truck 125, 900 KM overall approx 300,000 km on my multiplayer account alone
  7. I find, especially on the CD road where people will pass you even if there's oncoming traffic, I've started subconsciously moving right the way over so the 3 trucks abreast can be fitted on to the road, as dealing with constant crashes is agony. normally, I'm just doing 90, so there's no need, if I'm going faster and they are mostly past me, with oncoming traffic now insight, I will slow down, just to keep things safe, if they're just parallel with the wheels on my trailer, they can work out for themselves how to sort out their mess
  8. dandy1003

    Truck or car?

    Trucks are easier to drive, most of my major road incidents and all that resulted in people reporting me on the site were in cars, as they simply encourage you to drive too fast, hence why I always now use cruise control when driving a car. That said, after driving a car for a bit, my 460HP truck with a 15t load felt kinda slow. (Unsurprisingly!) As a general rule, you get a lot more bullied in a car, both from other car drivers, and truck drivers, especially when being overtaken, or oncoming traffic moving back to their lane before hitting you, and unless you get a caravan (which imo makes the car undrivable) you can't /fix, which on TMP is pretty important. But really both are fine as long as your speed is sensible, i normally do; 90 km/h (+/- 5) in a truck 120-130 km/h in a car i normally drive a truck, but as there are so few sane car drivers, I sometimes drive a car to balance things out.
  9. I find that the biggest issue is people who are always trying to pass other people in the convoy, sort of Gumball style. and then get mad at you for moving to the left lane when that's the only lane to keep going along on the motorway. (which is pretty bad design on SCS's part btw) But normally as long as you drive defensively, lower your graphics setting to combat lag, and just accept loads of people are going to quite frankly recklessly cut in front of you in a big convoy, it's usually all fine. Overall, as more and more people who play on TMP because it's a multiplayer game, rather than another way to enjoy ETS, etiquette is going to suffer. so just stay optimistic, and hopefully stay with some like minded sensible drivers.
  10. increasing the player limit should be good as most of Europe far from Rotterdam (especially "Going East") are quite empty,Rotterdam may get very laggy though. My game also loaded just fine.
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