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    TAB menu and friend interaction

    Hello there, The thing you are talking about are our in-game tags. This practically has got nothing to do with VTCs, however many people do use it to represent their position in the VTC, or just the VTC in general. To get your own tag, you can open your MP settings by clicking on the cogwheel on the tab menu. This will open the settings, and you can see the configuration for your own in-game tag there. You can give it any colour you want as well! Please, do remember certain words are not allowed. For example, swear words or words like "Staff", "Police", "Admin" or any name of a rank in the team are not allowed. If you are unsure whether your tag is allowed or not, be sure to contact a member of staff to ask. Sincerely, Pillow
  2. Pillow

    Which DLC Has Better Roads ? :P

    The newer the DLC, the better the roads are in my opinion. When looking at ETS2's roads, you can obviously see a big difference between vanilla game roads, and DLC roads. Though, the roads in the Baltics DLC are better looking than roads from other DLCs, again, in my opinion.
  3. Happy Birthday London!! Have a good day today!

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    Just a quick question

    Hello there, As mentioned above, those mods will not be compatible with TruckersMP. However, there is an alternative way to get money, which works. (No mods are required) Many users, including myself, have used Cheat Engine to "hack" money into their account. This is perfectly fine and allowed, so you do not have to worry for a VAC ban or a ban from our system. A tutorial on how to do this can be seen below. Realistic traffic unfortunately won't work on TruckersMP, as we have no AI traffic on our servers. Sincerely, Pillow
  5. Pillow

    Update 1.35

    Hello there, The new update, 1.35, will be supported as soon as possible when it will become a final release. As we do not support Experimental Beta's, you might have to wait for some time. Sincerely, Pillow
  6. Pillow

    Direct x11 changes back to 9

    Hello, This is exactly the reason why it's a Experimental Beta. Things may have bugs, stuff can still go wrong, etc etc. When you come across a bug, you should report it to SCS Software, not to us. We are TruckersMP, and we do not code ETS2 or ATS itself, just our mod. This new experimental beta therefore has got nothing to do with TruckersMP. You can report bugs to SCS Software with this link: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=16653 Sincerely, Pillow
  7. If I would be a manager, which I have been, I would just do whatever is in my job description. Most of our managers have no permission to just change stuff around, like you're saying you would change the ban system as it would be very tiring for Game Moderators. As a Game Moderator, I can say it's not really tiring if you have the motivation to do the job you signed up for. If you don't have the motivation, it could be very hard to reach your goals. Therefore if that's the case, it's better to switch teams, instead of changing the whole system when you're a Manager. I recommend reading out this topic below, as it'll explain you roughly what our Managers do within Upper Staff. Sincerely, Pillow
  8. Hello there, When you have been banned, the first thing to do is to make an appeal. You then have to wait for your appeal to be closed (Accepted, Modified or Declined) - After this, if you still do not agree with the outcome of the appeal, you can file a complaint at our Feedback system by making a ticket for the Game Moderation Management. Sincerely, Pillow
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    Single player road works

    This happened to me a couple times before. However, some of my random events turned invisible, so I was actually crashing to a invisible wall. I recommend doing what was said above to avoid crashes and, most importantly, a ban for this. Also I advice you to record your screen, would this happen again.
  11. Pillow

    Custom Truck Skins Made By Myself

    Hello there, Using your own skins in ATSMP is, at the moment, not even allowed. Whether it is possible or not, you're not allowed to do this as I believe it will be classed as inappropriate save editing. It's best to keep using those skins in Singleplayer, until we will make it possible for you to have your own skins (No, this is not confirming any update whatsoever). If you're inexperienced with save editing, I advice you to read the topics above and ask someone from the community for some tips. We also have a save editing questions section here on the forum, for you to ask whether something is allowed or not, or for any other questions. Use the link below for that section: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/618-save-editing/ I my comment added to the help you already received above. If you have any other questions, make sure to ask them here. Sincerely, Pillow
  12. Pillow

    Special Transport Rule Reminder

    This is punished, however not many seem to know about this rule and try to excuse their way out of a ban, when they don't even know we have rules for this.
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    Het beste om te doen in een situatie als deze, is om een support ticket te maken op de website. Ons Support team zal jou verder helpen met je probleem! http://truckersmp.com/support
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    TruckersMP Team lijst Dutch/Flemish Subforum

    @NoTime4name is gepromoveerd naar [Trial Game Moderator Observer] - Wij wensen hem veel succes in zijn nieuwe rol.
  15. Pillow

    Raar scherm

    @Morfiiii Laat alstublieft dat "//solved" gedeelte over aan de staff. Dit wordt namelijk gezien als 'Backseat Moderating', en is niet iets waar we je graag voor willen waarschuwen.
  16. Hello, Thank you for creating a guide. However, unfortunately, this method is not allowed. This is classed as bug abusing and thus, you will be permanently banned for doing this. Guide rejected.
  17. Pillow

    Akyıldız Logistics

    Double topic. /Moved to Trash
  18. Happy birthday buddy! Have an awesome day <3

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    I have problem with login

    Hello there, It is possible that you have a typo in your password or email. To be sure that your password and email are correctly put into those login boxes, I advice you to first write it down in notes on your PC. Then, select the password, copy the password and paste it inside the password box (Do this by pressing your CTRL+V buttons at the same time). Then, make sure your email is written correctly and try to login. If that does not work, I strongly advice you to contact our Support Team by creating a Support Ticket on our website. Sincerely, Pillow_
  20. If people do report you, I'm not sure whether a Game Moderator will ban you for this or not. If I can give you one advice, it would be to drive in some calmer areas to prevent situations like this one from happening. It will give you some scenery to look at, and of course no bans, unless you break other rules.
  21. Since you went into the opposite lane, I'd say you're at fault for that massive crash happening over there. If I would encounter something like this when I am driving myself, I'd just try to brake and hope for the best. Smashing into the back of the truck in front of you was probably a better option if you ask me.
  22. Pillow

    Is The Winter Mod still Supported in ETSMP2?

    /Moved to Help
  23. Pillow

    Double Trailers in C-D Road

    /Moved to Help
  24. Pillow

    Hello ''V'' led Is it forbidden?

    Hello there, If you read this topic, you'll know that the answer to your question is No. The "V" light method is allowed! Sincerely, Pillow_
  25. Pillow


    Hello, As said many times above, please let our Game Moderators do their job and do not try to take their job over yourself. As much as we appreciate your help, you are still a player who needs to follow our rules. Also, instead of helping, you are just adding to the massive amount of traffic which only will get worse when more people drive there with their cars. When you signed up for our community, you should've read our rules. It is impossible to miss them, as every time they are updated, you get notified of it on our website. I will list a couple rules below, which you have already broken and are ban worthy: §2.3 - Blocking* Restricting a user's travel path, blocking entrances to highways or other entry points or anything similar. §2.6 - Useless Traffic / Inappropriate parking* Repeatedly driving to and from an area of high population with no aim other than to cause more traffic. Parking or stopping in areas of high population for no reason. This applies to areas with 25+ users. Using the designated car parks is fine when there is low traffic in the area. §2.7 - Inappropriate Convoy Management / Car Abuse Convoy pilots are not permitted to slow down, block or control traffic, acting as a moderator and otherwise abusing the pilot scheme paint job. You are not permitted to take a convoy into highly populated area intentionally. This can include (but is not limited to) Calais, Duisburg, Calais-Duisburg road or surrounding areas. Now, I would like to politely ask you to stop doing what our Game Moderators are meant to do. We wouldn't like to ban you just for helping out, however if one has to, he has to. Saying "I will take a ban for it" is not the right approach we want to see towards this. If you have any other questions, please make sure to ask them. Sincerely, Pillow_