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  1. [PLAYER] @Mr.Unicornis Steco keert terug in het team als Event Team member.
  2. We can improve on this all we like, but modders and hackers will keep finding new ways to bypass our anti-cheat system. Please note, improvements to the anti-cheat system are made each time. Since you didn't really state what we should improve and how, there's not much to this suggestion we could get ideas from. Rejected.
  3. [EVENT TEAM] @Levi [NL/GER] heeft het team verlaten. [GAME MODERATOR] @IethaI is gepromoveerd naar Community Manager.
  4. This has been rejected in the past. Rejected.
  5. Pillow

    Linux Support

    The reason we don't support any other OS than Windows is because we don't have the resources and time to keep multiple OS's updated. This might change in the (far) future. Rejected.
  6. This has been rejected in the past. Rejected.
  7. My buddy @DJ Dynamic is online over on Twitch! Go show him some love for his radio show ❤️



    1. RepaiR


      Awesome , Best TruckersFM ^_^

    2. DJ Dynamic

      DJ Dynamic

      Thanks for this Pillow ❤️ Big Love!

  8. This is up to SCS Software, the official developers of the original games, to add to the game. We are a multiplayer modification and in no way affiliated with the development of the game itself. https://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=5 Rejected.
  9. First of all, it's mandatory you keep to one idea per suggestion. This way, we can consider each suggestion separately, instead of having to reject this one for one or two suggestions you put in there which won't happen. - Colours in chat are based on the role colour, and given the fact normal players don't really have anything special besides green, it wouldn't be possible for us to turn it on for just the Event Organiser. - Unlimited flycam can be configured for separate groups, this would again form an issue like the one above. - We will not give people who aren't Game Moderators or above, permission to kick or ban others. Rejected.
  10. Pillow

    SUV in TMP

    We are not adding any more vehicles to the game anytime soon. Rejected.
  11. Reworked the topic, as there were many grammar mistakes. Also made it look somewhat more appealing, with the colours of the ranks.
  12. /Moved to Game Suggestions
  13. /Moved to Forum Suggestions
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    /Moved to Help
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