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  1. Wehn youre taking an Trailer from "WorldOfTrucks" , you can only go to 90 Km/h. Disable the Speed Limiter in the Settings Also in the "TAB" settings menu. Regards.
  2. I really dont know,im on an Renault trip,i love this Truck!.



  3. There are no Private Servers / creating would also not work,from my view.
  4. It means,that youre Account,is already "Connected" wih Ets2MP. Perhaps it´s an Bug wait till an Developer will answer. Regards.
  5. Perhaps it will be,please be patient,use the "Search function" next time. Regards.
  6. Im just waiting to explore the other streets,Citys   

    Merry Christmas too all / Happy Trucking.


    1. Trucker Hudson

      Trucker Hudson

      Merry Christmas to you too :D:lol:

  7. Because probably you got the Schwarzmueller DLC,which wont work in Muliplayer. Regards.
  8. Already knew it,but Thanks for this Guide to help new Players, Regards.
  9. Sure,first you need VTC i would recommend,Then look up to this Video! only if you have time. Its not my Video.




    I think,im alright with that c:

    1. Shovali


      Nice Truck :)  

    2. derpatrick9


      Thanks,my man! :))

  11. Steam -> Libary -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Propertis -> Beta -> Disable all.
  12. [EN] Disable,all Beta Programms. [FR] Débloquer tous les bêtas de.
  13. Pozdrav,izasao je novi update. Changelog: ● Podrska za Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver. 1.26.2s [2c8dfb1f9a3c] ● Dodata mogucnost promene i/o zvuka uredjaja. ● Dodata mogucnost premene default CB radio stanice. ● Podrska za Finski i Belgijski paint job. ● Podrska za Vive la France ! DLC Happy Trucking mwl4
  14. Could you try write it in English ? i could help you.
  15. New Trailer in ETS2 "Viva la France!"


    "Watch out its an Spoiler".

  16. Its not Working with the current Version you running,the Server needs to be 1.26.


    Dont like these Kind of Music,but this one is Lit. 

  18. Good Night to you all / Keep Trucking and Happy Trucking! :)

  19. Serbian Masterpiece.

    1. Sven67


      neočekivana večer doči na foorum i odma nači balkanca

    2. Sven67


      hvala na foolow

    3. derpatrick9


      pa nista ! :=D

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  20. Good Luck on the Streets,and have a nice Afternoon! :)

    1. Mirko9


      Thanks you too :)

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