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  1. yea i tryed, the thing is after i delete them and launch TMP , i have to install available updates and they get downloaded again. No.
  2. i tryed running the game without dlc's , the thing is i don't have the Krone DLC. I re-installed both ets and truckersmp, the mods were from steam workshop(i unsubcribed and also deleted them directly from the workshop folder) and the other mods were installed in ets2>mods not truckersmp>ets2mp>mods(i deleted all the mods anyway), and yes i downgraded to 1.36.
  3. i already did all the steps that u mentioned, i reinstalled truckersMP and ETS2, and there were no missing files when i verifyed the integrity of the game. I tryed deleting the config.cfg file, deleting all my mods and workshop content.
  4. just as i start the game , after the intro the screen just freezes and if i alt+tab it goes black, i have to shut it down from task manager, it's the same for single and multiplayer. game.log.txt
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