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  1. I love the update! Especcialy the trailer selection! Probably i dont use the steering wheel position.
  2. 100% trucks. I dont like the trucks in American Truck Simulator so i ride there with a car. On Euro Truck Simulator i ride always with a truck!
  3. Very nice screenshots men!
  4. Jespaahh


    You can also create a new topic with a invite for everyone!
  5. @Michael Axton No, thats impossible.
  6. I've seen a many people who have buyed the G29, it looks for me a nice driving wheel (Unboxings/Gamevideo's) I dont have much money so i cant buy the G29, but when i have much money i will buy him.
  7. Wow, thats really weird. Im gonna watch it in ATS.
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