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  1. Pittsburgh Penguins are definitely going to win the Stanley Cup Championship.
  2. ^Well, it accurately depicts the terrain of the region depicted. Not being from the area, its likely not interesting just like if someone made a Australian TS as someone suggested, some of us might find it dreary and boring as I believe quite a lot of it is just "dusted grass" Wait for the NW DLCs if they ever show. Its green and hilly.
  3. McNair


    During winter, we get rain pretty often in Oregon that can last for days. We had 17 days straight this past fall.
  4. McNair


    Yeah, I've had it rain once.... and it was raining over the entirety of California and Nevada for 2 game days. I eventually turned it off.
  5. Oh, phone backgrounds, too? I have a work phone, but it's in the work truck at work... So here is my personal. I had a sweet Rick and Morty background but it disappeared one day and I'm too lazy to replace it The stock background is effin' awesome, though, eh?!
  6. I can't imagine all states will cost the same as they vary in sizes and likely in content. I can't imagine paying the same price for Texas as I would for Massachusetts. Personally, I only care about Oregon and Washington due to living in the area. Though, I know I will b**** to myself incessantly about inaccuracies as I already do with what little I am familiar with in California.
  7. My thoughts, but I guess it varies country to country. Dept of Transportation here in the US is mostly maintaining and building new roads/highways/freeways. So they would be responsible for all these unfinished/dead end highways.
  8. I really went all out and bought a controller(mostly for Rally games as its useless with a keyboard). One day I'll get around to having a gaming desktop again. Probably would be nice to play a game not on low settings.
  9. Woo, finally got it working again and then an update for the update. now 1-3 hour dl time.
  10. I think I figured it out. After checking some other games and not being able to connect to servers either I researched some more and found I needed to disable the firewall on my router. It was set to low and I've never messed with it since I got it, but I turned it off and was able to connect. Not sure how it suddenly became an issue. So, solved for now. Thanks.
  11. Already running it as admin. Server only has only had around 60-70 since I've had the issue. Played earlier with 200+.
  12. Started playing online today. Played all afternoon and evening(before and after update)with no issues. Took some hours off. Came back a bit ago after not being able to sleep and now I can't connect to the server. I can get into the game but it won't connect. Nothing has changed since when it worked and now not working.
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