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  1. Xaphanx15 Released

    Hmmm....Cars with trailers now? Cue the endless amount of caravans being abused or dumped along side or in the middle of the roads.
  2. Xaphanx15

    Custom skin's in MP

    I think that although this is a great idea I neither agree or disagree to some of the points mentioned. Due to the fact there is a lack of skin or paint job choice in-game at the moment wouldn't it be a good idea for players and those who're in a VTC to be able to design their own skin in-game, instead of just picking a paint job and throwing some paint onto it? Could also have an option to upload your own company logo. What I reckon though is that if this thing were implemented where VTC's have their own custom skins in the game, they could be made "unlockable" only when a player is accepted as an employee or member of said VTC even regardless of rank / skill level, yet it would differ between chassis types.
  3. Xaphanx15

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    @ADA Paulo Go on then. But guaranteed everyone will be fed up of that behaviour on that game also. @baadi So do you think it is boring to drive 60/70 mph in real life on a highway? If you think driving 93 MPH is boring because you're a complete speed freak like many others complaining about the limiter then there is Need For Speed, or Forza you can play. Pathetic that people are still complaining about it. Get over it already?
  4. Xaphanx15

    Its a poll for Truckersmp Speed Limit Update.

    High time these foreigners who love thinking the game is a racing simulator stop asking if everyone's happy with the speed limit, and or crying about it. If you folk can't accept the change then why are you even here? Instead of crying even more then why not play Need For Speed or Forza?
  5. Xaphanx15

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    For the love of christ how many of these topics about this damn speed limit are there going to be, when will people get the hint? How many topics are there now across the forum? All regarding the same thing? Whoever said that 220 isn't racing at all is a damn fool and that right there is a typical example of someone that has been causing issues within the server(s) due to the amount of speed and or reckless driving that he or she does, and this in essence is one reason why this limit was brought into play to put a stop to things like that. It is people like you MirEso who should've been banned from the server from the very beginning of your shenanigans and do please record us a video of this 220 speed you're doing when in-game, please prove to everyone that you apparently can control your vehicle at such speed without crashing into anything or anyone. Though do note that you would also be providing the admins with evidence that such behaviour goes on, not that they don't know already. Let me make this perfectly clear to all of you trolls who love racing within the game, who love telling the real sim-truckers to drive on EU 1 even though as I have stated plenty of times before that all of the servers despite what they are called, or how they are configured that they are all simulation servers. The word "Simulator" gives a valuable hint to what the game is, as it has also been mentioned by the admins themselves so I see no point in you continuing to cry about this limit or bitch at the others who "want to play simulation" to go to EU 1...They don't need to go to that server just to play "simulation" they can also go to EU 2, EU 3, EU 4, the end of the day it doesn't matter which server they go on they go where they please and will not run to EU 1 just to please you trolls who want to ruin the game by racing around as if you're Louis bloody Hamilton. It's a simulation game, racing games are for racing no? Maybe you're getting your games mixed up or your moral compasses are screwed (No disrespect to anyone).
  6. Xaphanx15

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    For you sir I will quote this from Scarface. "This mod was never intended to be a GTA alternative with trucks. The intention is and always will be simulation. Many features and functionalities in regards to that are planned to make the online trucking experience even more immersive, but things need time to be developed properly. Keep in mind that a huge amount of development time goes into updating current code due to frequent patches from SCS. Since we are no GTA alternative, all our servers have rules. However, we created the freeroam server as some sort of compromis for those that want to have a bit of a do-whatever-you-want feeling. As can be seen in our rules, certain rules do no apply on this server." If you wish to find this post? Look here. Tara.
  7. Xaphanx15

    Global speed limiter

    Pointless debating this any further like. Everyone's entitled to their opinion on the matter yet fact is, the admins have final say. What is done is done and has a valid reason for it, either accept that or I say you could find somewhere else to go or play because constant crying or arguing over it isn't going to sway things your way. Best anyone can do is to back the admins, because this thing has gone on long enough and frankly is getting out of hand.
  8. Xaphanx15

    Global speed limiter

    And yet still they cry about it.
  9. Who would want to sit in amongst traffic in the first place? Unless you're an utter fool because you'd only be adding to the traffic jam which is a nightmare as is on that road. I fail to see any point in players clogging that stretch up in the first place...What is so special about Calais - Duisburg to warrant well over 50+ players travelling along it at the same time, either adding to yet more congestion or just being stupid enough to crash into other players just for the "hell" of it. This must be the only route such people can take, or it must be the only job - destination points that they want to do? How boring and old has that thing gotten now? Just to drive along a congested road to be met with an endless cue of traffic because one or more idiots are causing grief? If players have any sense at all they would avoid the area full stop, no need for a plan or something to be implemented in the rules tbh.
  10. Xaphanx15

    Global speed limiter

    The end of the day whether the community vote or voice their opinions or not, the admins do have the right to make changes without consulting people first. And all the admins are doing is coming up with ways of making things better within the community, they are trying to make the gameplay better however it seems that this isn't what some people want as they don't like these "for the better" changes. When people say that our ideas or opinions hold no value? Guaranteed they do, because the admins are listening and they do take your opinions etc into account. Yet they still reserve the right to do as they see fit. I will say this. The game was being ruined continuously by reckless plonkers who instead of getting on with what the game is all about, decided to make things hell for everyone else and this also resulted in the administration of the servers a lot harder and no doubt stressful on the admins. We all know they can't be everywhere at once, we all know they can't be there 24/7 to see to every gobshite that causes grief and yet the reports have been in no doubt continuously mounting more and more day by day so what are they doing here, why have they done it? The game needs a better future than trolls driving recklessly and though this speed limiter wouldn't make much of a difference it is a step in the right direction to handling the situation, they are cracking down on the "plague" that swarms the servers. Especially EU2... And the majority of those complaining about it, or have been? Are the one's being banned or have been banned for their reckless / careless attitude. They seem to think it is fun making things a misery on everyone else who just want to play the game, no matter which server they go on. And I wouldn't bet that some of those that play this game are truckers in real life, and this is probably something that they see on a day to day basis so do you think they want to be seeing this kind of thing in the game to? When many play the game to relax, have fun, meet new people, I will tell you that there is no fun in what these speed freaks are or have been doing. You all can rant and rave with the "Then go to the EU 1 or EU 3 then" all you like, that card has been played far too many times and has gotten old now so that excuse or attempt in justification has no effect on your stance. With regard to the community though it isn't what it is just because of the community members but moreso because of the admins for their hard work, and now they're getting tougher by putting their foot down why? Do you babies, crying over this limit not think these admins are fed up with your antics? Might be something worth thinking on. Either way you've only brought that on yourselves.
  11. Xaphanx15

    Global speed limiter

    Even still you fail to recognize all of the servers as simulation servers despite being slapped down and being told that they are. Just because one is labelled simulation doesn't mean the rest aren't, because they are. They are all part of a simulation game, is that something you can't seem to grasp? I'm not even crying about the limit either. I am all for it, even though I know myself that it wouldn't make much of a difference because regardless of speed or any limiter there would still be plonkas on the road whom can't control their trucks or cars at high speed. It is like I said in another thread, it is ridiculous everyone even going off about it. The admins have made their decision, and did so without consulting the players why? Like they said, they need to decide on their own without consulting everyone else on which path to take. And in this case, you all can argue that they made the wrong choice all you like, you can cry and whine all you like, slander the admins and or the game and go on to say it will die because of loss of members. All over a limiter? Seriously everyone should grow up. Now as for you sir, do not try to patronise me by thinking and or saying that I don't know what I am talking about. I know full well what I am talking about, but if you and others wish to be in denial over valid facts and not regarding what anything is called? Be my guest.
  12. Xaphanx15

    Global speed limiter

    Lol, you're missing the point of my post. You have completely disregarded what I had said at all. Every one of those servers are simulation servers regardless of what they are called, how they are configured or who they are for. The whole game is a simulation game, not a racing game. And for those agreeing with his post are yet more pins to the trolling board whore complaining because they can't go over 150. Get over it guys seriously there is no use even crying over it, the admins have put their foot down and you have to accept it whether you agree or not.
  13. Xaphanx15

    Global speed limiter

    The whole argument whether good or bad it is there for a reason and a valid one at that. As I have said in the other thread it doesn't matter what server you play on in the end of the day they are all simulation servers, regardless of what the servers are called or for which type of player they are for. There were far too many trolls causing havoc and now that they see that they cannot continue doing so because the admins have finally started to put their foot down to it, they bounce off the walls and throw a tantrum because they can't get their own way. Not just this, they try to order others into playing on another server in an attempt to justify what said server is for and not what the others are for, it is pathetic and the more they whine about the limit the more of a fool they make themselves look. It is as it has been mentioned countless times, it is a simulation game not a racing game. It isn't GTA, it isn't Forza or any other game of such type, and it's high time some of those kids who're crying about this whole limiter thing because they want to be speed freaks and race each other around are taught this valuable lesson. If players want to leave because they cannot go any faster than 150 / 93 then they aren't true players and or fans of the game, because it goes to show what they are most concerned about. So, if these players think the admins are destroying the game or the fan / player base by implementing something which is actually needed then they need to think again, if they want to leave? Go for it.
  14. Xaphanx15

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    It is ridiculous to be seeing people complaining at all, but to even see them go on to say that the game will lose players and is going into bankruptcy. No, the players lost are the very speed freaks that ruin the game by going an excessive speed and crashing into other players, and true players who want to get on with whatever jobs they are doing. So I see here the only people complaining are the very trolls the admins should be rid of, and I think it is good they implemented it.
  15. Xaphanx15

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    Personally I think this topic is starting to get out of hand here. I will come right out and say this to you all whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say it doesn't matter though I hope that it will bring sense to some of you because I find it damn right ridiculous that some are wanting the limiters taken off in order to go an excess of 150 KMH or more. At the end of the day what some fail to realise is that the entire game is a simulation game, as are the servers it doesn't matter which server you go on because they are all simulation servers. They are all based from the same game, same game engine, same physics though are each configured differently. I also find it ridiculous for the people who're complaining about the limiters to be telling others to go to the EU1 simulation server, it is like I said. All of the servers are simulation servers, yet are configured differently. There is a reason that the game admins had put the limiters there in the first place and in my opinion, based on what I know and what I have seen? You do not reduce accidents by increasing your speed what so ever because that right there just goes against all logic. Increasing the speed will leave you with a lesser chance of keeping control, whether you think you can control your truck or car or not the fact of the matter there is that regardless off any skill you can't. The more the speed means the more the breaking distance is needed, it also means the less time to react in certain situations where an accident will happen and it also means a lot more damage not just to your truck or car but to the other vehicles that other players are driving too. I find it ridiculous that some people seem to think of this as a racing game more than a truck simulation game, and as it has been said before you're playing the wrong game by even thinking such or having the urge to drive a lot faster than the set limit. Why do you think there are speed limits in real life? The less the speed, the reduced risk of an accident. And this means less the breaking distance and a lot more time to think and or react in certain situations. The less speed also means the more control you have of your vehicle, where as you'll have much less control at high speeds but hell even at say 50 MPH some people may have control issues but, what it all comes down to as well is what roads you are driving on. I can understand if it's a motorway but even still the logic still applies, as does the physics. And yet all some want to do is act like a rally or F1 driver in a truck hauling up to 150 tonne, have you even thought this all through? or are you stuck within this fantasy world of speed? If you haven't got the patients to be sat behind another vehicle doing the same or slightly less speed than you, then why are you even playing it? Like I said, agree or disagree it doesn't matter. Though it goes to show the one's who think they can do this, that and the other to the ones whom have some common sense, road sense and awareness. Not going to say that none of you have, but more a lack of.