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  1. It would be good if they could revamp the UK, however there are many more things that we'd like to see in-game which SCS are yet to implement which they had spoken of years ago yet still hasn't happened.
  2. This would be different when taking part in convoys I'd imagine or in some cases of that at least. In general I would stop at a red light regardless of if there are anyone there or not however there are times where I don't if I just want to get on with whatever job I am doing, now see if I can see there are players near a set of traffic lights I slow down and if need be I give way if I do not have the right of way and as long as it is safe to do so, I continue on.
  3. I mean it is supposed to be a simulation game which simulates real life driving, therefore players in my opinion should be sticking to the speed limit(s), obeying road signs and or traffic lights like they would in the real world...Game or not, it is the soul purpose of the game along side giving trucking enthusiasts or would be truckers some experience at least in driving a HGV.
  4. In an aspect overtaking on the grass verge or hard shoulder (emergency lane) is a reckless driving offence which indeed can and should be punishable however, I've not only seen but also heard of numerous players being banned for doing so unintentionally after swerving to avoid a player in front who has either lagged, crashed into another player or stopped for whatever reason...If players are following too closely or at an excess amount of speed which would prevent them from slowing down or stopping in time to not go into the back of another player then they are bolloxed unless lane 2 (overtaki
  5. Raising or lowering the speed limit would not solve a single thing. So long as everybody drives sensibly that is fine however truth be told is that not everyone does, fair enough people like to go there for the traffic I can understand that yet at the same time you're also just putting yourself into the category of players who may be going there to look for trouble. And if it isn't coming from you then it comes to you from someone else unless it is entirely avoided. The thing is that so many players seem to want to remain dormant to one stretch of road to and from two cities inste
  6. Some interesting ideas here, obviously o would love to see an ownable low loader and or fuel tanker. However I believe new paint work is a must, New light upgrades including beacons without DLCs, New customizations without DLCs, Rigid body trucks, tipper body trucks etc Road network rework for the UK Total overhaul of every on / off ramp to and from every section of motorway, rework of motorway merging when joining another section of motorway. Those ramps need to be smooth and not bumpy but also a lot wider to compensate for bigger trailers and or abnormal
  7. A perfect route to learn how to drive...There are plenty of other roads which are pretty much like that. In my opinion you wouldn't be learning how to drive on that road but more rather how not to he hit by other traffic.
  8. Some people. Who drive on it are just looking for trouble imo.
  9. Here is an idea. Let us not make any city in the game the most populated and quit sticking to one or two cities to go to, deliver to or take jobs from. Let us explore more of the map and visit other cities but oh...Some of you haven't the common sense to do that now have you? Like the little kids who stick in one spot on the playing ground you're too scared to explore because "Its lonely and boring" well if that is the case, put on some tunes and get a group together and start exploring the map more instead of congregating around one or two cities or one stretch of road. The cities shoul
  10. I will admit I laughed at those "Idiots on the road" like videos especially when the players recording the video or live streaming are shooting themselves in the foot by the mistakes they make. The thing is that these videos can be incriminating against the recorder should it be submitted as evidence against another player, and this is where the "Admin bans by mistake" horse crap comes from. Okay in some cases they do yet these players need to remember that they aren't just recording the game play, other players but also themselves and therefore they are liable for everything they
  11. It's possible alright they just don't want to in case of lag due to high poly count I guess.
  12. I too have noticed that with some of the youtubers or streamers they are driving in a way as to cause issues on the road and then play the victim card whilst pointing the finger
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