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  1. Case : old Pentium 4 case CPU : AMD A4 3.4 dual , That's now a A10 quad core @ 3.8 GHz with 4.2 GHz Max Turbo GPU : EVGA 650 1 gig Motherboard : Asrock FM2A88M Extreme 4+ RAM : RipJaw 2X4gig DDR3 1600 MHz , Thats now G.SKILL Ares 8GB ( 2 x 4GB ) DDR3 1866 Mhz Power : Corsiar VS550W HDD : Seagate 1TB & 1TB TOSHIBA EXT + old drives Windows 7 pro Screen : Panasonic Vieta 42inch tv @ 1920-1080p ( but use 1600-900 online) + 1 19inch Mouse : Logitech Keyboard : Logitech Sound : home audio system + Logitech desktop speakers with 2 extra subs added Edit: Wh
  2. Try starting euro trucks from your steam library, not the multi desktop icon
  3. In steam "friends" window , highlight your names and click the white arrow(that points down ) beside your name, and go down to "change profile name"
  4. To the admin & dev team. Awesome Thank you very much indeed.
  5. Lol you have no idea what slow is, mine was 6kbps and I waited 6 1/2 hours for it.
  6. Are you talking about the camera views? (I.E pressing the 1,2,3 buttons on keyboard?) or "free camera mode" For free camera mode Go to the Documents folder / My Documents / ETS2 and then click the “config.cfg“, this opens it now with the text editor. Now you look for the entry “uset g_developer” and “uset g_console” and change there the “0” to “1“. The speed of the camera: “uset_g_flyspeed” 100.0 ” it is best to “100.0 ” Editor save, done! In the game you then press the “0” for free camera and the arrow keys 8,4,5,6 in the numeric pad on the keyboard and the mouse movement.
  7. IMHO it clearly show [PRS-TW]___ being a total impatient ets2mp troll. you did nothing wrong that i could see
  8. Thank you Rootkiller and DEV team. Legends
  9. Thanks for the update "dev team" LEGENDS
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