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  1. Thank you, we got it sorted out. Drive safe !
  2. I do apologize in an advance and this may have been asked but what steam version ? I tried every version and when i start multiplayer i keep getting this Unsupported game version. I do not have the version the image is telling me, ( Expected: ver. as far as i can see. I Also uninstalled the TruckerMP folders and re-downloaded & installed TruckerMP Alpha | Launcher and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated thank you in advanced.
  3. Everything working well here with the new Auto updater Thanks for the hard work getting ats working. hats off dev's
  4. Sorry NTeamGT I know nothing about any controllers, maybe try using a keyboard with mouse ?
  5. A little information that could be helpful. I'm no wiz at this dev stuff but this worked for me. I updated to the newest update for TruckerMP Alpha | Launcher I even checked my Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 windows 10 And i even checked into How To: Determine Which .NET Framework Versions Are Installed All was well and i still crashed. So i figured i would disconnect my steering wheel Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel and give it a try. I was able to login and deliver a load from Elko to Oxnard with out any issues at all using my keyboard & mouse. { Mods Included } So if you have a wheel with pedal's & shifter that could be the issue, Just saying Hope this works for you until the devs figure it out. { Good Luck } Thank you TruckerMP for all your hard work & dedication.
  6. this is the third time i'm updated and having issues getting on multiplayer. Downloaded the newest update, Installed, can not connect because it tells me to down grade to version and there is no, There is Only Ocutus - Experimental Ocutus Support (1.4.0) - 1.4 Then when i start single player it tells me two mod are not installed, 1: Halloween & Peterbilt 389 DLC's What Gives ? (NOTE To Admin's) Thanks for your time but i got the multiplayer working and you may delete this post. Apologize for any inconvenience
  7. ok i really need to say WHAT THE F**K ? 1st of all boy i never complain on these forums, this was my first and i understand completely all the work the admins put in for this to happen, you telling me nothing new fool i been dealing with drivers for a long time and this IS the first i posted anything about it, so while dont you forget about replying and save both of us a headache because it will be going nowhere. I have no time for people like you to start b-s, or would like to keep posting nonsence just to move your ratings up on these forums ? I had my conversations with two gentleman and they help out a lot. so you take care and find where else to post.
  8. hey Megadeth dont ask me about ( have you ever thought of driving slowly? checking mirrors super often and being prepared to stop? ) and besides i mention about the speed servers. maybe you dont read so well ? I drove truck in real so i know what it takes and what to do as a truck driver, it's same as in game..
  9. Hello Epiclepsy It is 2:45 AM Eastern Time ( New York ) My ban was lifted & was only for two hours like i had stated, I started ATS and went on my way to the service area and look what happens in this video i recorded and this is one of the things i was talking about. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B96v85bQH71-dllIZzRqdUx6eFU

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    2. Epiclepsy


      Sounds good, I always enjoy ATS videos, can't get enough! 

    3. Old No 7

      Old No 7

      well i was not aware my son has a program installed bandicam so i record with that then edit in windows program then upload.


    4. Epiclepsy


      Awesome, the video quality is good ^_^


      Here's another case of MP impatience or just pure recklessness. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwhJQl9Sw3HaUDlCUjVHRUJtOWM/view?usp=sharing

  10. Epiclepsy I checked into Google Drive & created an account, MrCreeper I also checked into plays.tv and created an account on there as well thank you both for your advice. much appreciated.
  11. ^ Thank you Epiclepsy i will take that into consideration and get some sort of program
  12. I'm a real life OTR ( Over The Road ) Driver & been doing it for years. I also been playing the euro truck & ats on multiplayer server from time to time, I have seen so many people driving recklessly and don't give two sh*ts about other players ( drivers ) and you got honest players like my self who drive the way your suppose to. I just picked up a load going to san fran in ats & another player drover around a sharp turn and rammed me and caused 70% damage to my truck and 30% damage to my trailer. yes I am pissed and ( I'm no damn whiner so don't give me that b-s about whining ) & i know it's only a game but when this sh*t keeps happening there is NO admin's available to talk to or contact to let them know and i know many of you players are so tired of paying out of pocket to keep repairing your truck and your load it pretty much lost. I was just banned for two hour which is no big deal and as a matter of fact my first time so no sweat. but something really needs to be done with these players / driver who are driving way to fast that they cant even control their truck. yes i also know about the other servers with low speed but when it's time to report someone for doing this you cant get the name cause they keep on going or they hit F7 and disappear. There's so many members on ( Meet The Team ) Page and none of you can control the server / servers ? ( to many chiefs and not enough indians !! ) My honest opinion there needs to be a lot more admins watching what actually happens in game instead of doing nothing. Anyway take care & God bless.
  13. ok thank you Spirit_Wolf appreciate it i will let him know.
  14. Hello, Just ran into a player that is having an issue with ScS files & his computer reads scs files as a wordpage. anyway this can be changed so his scs files are as not wordpage ?
  15. This is a huge issue with these trollers & rammers, Hopfully it will be resolved quick cause it's costing me a fortune to repair my truck and the trailer i'm hauling i always need to hit my F6 & enter to get rid of the load at $10,ooo each load
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