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  1. Nice Update, but You have to fix the car Sounds mwl4. Its sound very bad!
  2. Thank you michal When will the Weather syncron?
  3. You can put now your Clan Tag and lets show it with color ahead your name.
  4. Thank you Broww i will be test it , and give later notice ! PS: I think it worked , thank you!
  5. But I 've always used the same so it can not be that it suddenly crashes the game :/
  6. Hey , it happens everywhere , not only in Rotterdam and something I have for the first time in this game . It also happens when only 1- 2 players in the workshop repair do something or color change then it crashes my game ! Thanks anyway for your answer Here the log file.. http://pastebin.com/P6mbi343
  7. I have every day Game Crash in the game and it does not stop, please fix that Thank you!
  8. Good Job micheal , but only game crash's why ?
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