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  1. so does the issue still happen to you or? I know its not my system I got a core i5 4690 with 16 gb ram and a gtx 970
  2. So I am trying to rescue to service station on ets 2 everytime I do my game goes black and nothing loads I cant seem to figure out the issue steam says there is nothing wrong with my install of ets 2 any ideas? here is the content of my log.
  3. So I have been playing ats multiplayer for 3 months and just got ets2 do I need 2 hours of ets 2 for it to find the game on my steam account? or can I just link it and hop into ats? I clicked the check now button 10 days ago and it didn't work
  4. American Truck Simulator updated releasing Arizona the staff of truckersMP need to release a patch for multiplayer to work just hang tight as I know this great mod's devs are working on it
  5. ^ Thanks for the info do you know if thats in the plans or not? just to have a way of changing it to make it easier?
  6. I was wondering is there a way so I can change the push to talk button? *V* so I can select a controller button or something so I don't need to keep reaching for my keyboard just to say something over cb? I did a forum search but found no answers on this.
  7. So I am new and got it running it says connection to server extablished but how do I chat with other players? or see chat? sorry for noob question
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