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  1. Make /fix to fix only trailer......i fix truck in service but i think the trailer fix is great for us ......i dont care for truck damage but wen troler damage my trailer i am going crazy hahah
  2. Its great idea /fix.....i hate wen trolers hit me and damage my trailer....i dont care for the truck damage but for the trailer uhhhh....so i think that /fix i great idea.......but for me worked only truck fix how to fix my trailer? not wot trailer i know
  3. the same idiot blocking other players after blocking me..............http://plays.tv/video/597909010a80364777/ets2-mp-eu2-report-part-2-26-07-2017

  4. Is it alowed to change my name ingame to Reporter On Duty? 

  5. i have 4 reports pending on truckersmp site,please admins look at them.thanks


    1. Guest


      Hi! Reports are checked over time,You don't have to worry.

    2. El1teZombiezHD


      Admins will check the reports in due course. We have a lot outstanding at the moment and they are dealt with on an "Oldest to Newest" basis.

    3. Dirty Snowman

      Dirty Snowman

      thanks for ansver


  6. Convoy is great,thanks for invite.


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